Friday, 2 December 2011

December 2nd

If this is successful then I have successfully written a scheduled post, if it isn't then I've already failed at my post a day resolution...

At the moment I'm visiting Kate for her Christmas PARTAY and being a general tourist, but at the actual moment I'm sat watching Scrubs with my mamma. Hasn't that blown your mind?!

I spent yesterday having a lie in because I wanted a little treat and hadn't had one for like a week (oh the unemployed) and when I finally got up I got ready because Charlotte and Jill came around to make fudge and I made sugar mice. I was surprised by how easily Charlotte made her fudge, I will have to find the recipe and post it on here, it smelt delicious! This post will be mainly about sugar mice though because I have pictures and the recipe to show you. 

This Christmas I am going to take a leaf out of Kirstie's book and have a more home made feel going on. This inevitably leads me to baking/cooking little treats. Have got a few ideas in mind but obviously can't say too much as my friends read this! I can't wait to get planning and crafting, I'm such an oldie! 

The recipe (makes around 16 large mice):

12 oz of icing sugar
1 egg white
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
a few drops of food colouring 
Silver balls and other decorations

 Sieve 2/3 of the icing sugar in to a big bowl, leave the other third behind and it will be added a bit later

 Whisk the egg white until frothy, this will take some time to do so maybe use a hand whisk. Add this to the icing sugar and mix. Then add the lemon juice and stir together. When all combined you can colour the mixture.

 Sprinkle some extra icing sugar on a work surface and put your mixture on top. Then knead in the rest of the icing sugar, you may not need all of it, I didn't use all of mine. Then roll the mixture into a long sausage and cut in to around 16 pieces, and leave some extra to make ears and tails.

 Roll the pieces in to a ball and pinch to make a pear shape. Make sure he has a pointy nose and a fat bottom. Then decorate until your heart is content! We used hearts for the ears and sometimes stars for the eyes... We got a bit hysterical/excited and a lot of them ended up looking pretty special...

These have a little bit of edible glitter on them, they're not just dirty haha! 

They are very sickly so it may be worth adding some peppermint oil or rose water to try and spice things up! Leave them for a couple of hours to harden and up display as you want!

Is anyone else doing a handmade christmas? 
Any favourite festive baked treats? 


  1. I'm loving your Christmas posts! These sugar mice looks so sweet :) I want to make some treats like this as presents for friends! x

  2. Love this! You're so creative!
    And these mice are so cute!

    New follower to your blog =)

    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Thanks ladies!! They are almost too cute to eat! xxx

  4. These look adorable! I love scheduling posts lol x


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