Monday, 5 December 2011

December 5th

As mentioned yesterday this post is filled with festive pictures from my village. I've just been for a little walk around the block and these are what I took on the way. Some aren't very good quality because I was scared that people would think I was sussing a place out for burglary, or that I was just generally mental...

Today has been a good day, I had a lie in and then I came downstairs and applied for 5 jobs! One locally, 3 in the London area and one in Bath. I treated myself by doing the hoovering and having a shower, I love a hot shower on a cold day! I did mention on Twitter I was going to watch Easy A but I didn't get round to it because I had to go out and take pictures. The things I do for you! 
Last night I had possibly the biggest Christmas epiphany of this year, I'm going to knit Lee a penguin for Christmas. Who wouldn't love that?! It is going to be awesome, my nan taught me to knit when I was younger so I'm pumped to start doing it again. You may be thinking 'what does a 22 year old want with a knitted penguin?' Let me tell you, its all about the thought and the effort. If he doesn't want it I can have it and it is a good project to get me through the winter evenings. Knitting my nights away in front of the TV, I can see it now! 

Anyway on with my stunning pictures: 


And finally, my personal favourite:

What does you town/village do for Christmas?
Have you got your decorations up yet?


  1. I love the tree decorated with the fairy lights and little wooden hearts! The knitted penguin sounds like a sweet Christmas gift, handmade presents are really special! We haven't got our decorations up yet but noticed quite a few have put up their trees near me this weekend! x

  2. That all looks gorgeous!! Our town is fairly boring when it comes to Christmas! :( Boo.

    I am putting my tree/decs up on the 12th but some people down my street have theirs up already! You know the mega tack tastic OTT houses with lights all round the outside and mahooosive inflatable santas? Thats what is 2 or 3 houses down from me! HAHA Xx

  3. Caroline- the tree is so lovely, when I get my own place I'm going to have loads of them! I love wooden decorations!

    Soph-oh man the ott house must be fun for a day but then it must get a bit annoying haha! Their bills must be huge!

    I'm so happy my village is embracing it all! Xxxx

  4. oh my gosh - a knitted penguin, wowowowowow I'm so jel!! I absolutely love penguins, I went to see happy feet 2 at the cinema on sat and it was sooo good, the little baby penguin was the sweetest thing ever. please take a picture once you've done it :D I love knitting but I've totally forgotten how to do it :( You should post a tutorial :D
    Love all of the photos of your town, espesh the last one! the one of the church is really beautiful but slightly eerie too. Reading this post has made me feel even more christmassy :)
    Good luck with the jobs you've applied for, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you :D
    Take care <3 Holz oxo
    ps loving the xmassy look on your header so much :D

  5. Aw your village looks proper cool! Hehe I always think people will worry I'm stacking their place out! Yay knitted penguin, I hope he loves it, even if it's just for all the time and effort (blood sweat and tears maybe) that goes into it! Fingers crossed re: jobs, I'm still trying to apply for a few regularly! xx


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