Tuesday, 6 December 2011

December 6th

Hello there! 

I realise these posts are happening later and later in the day but it takes me the whole day to decide what to post about. It's a nightmare trying to prioritise Christmas, I wouldn't recommend it.

Today my post is all about my Christmas wish list, here I did a post about gift ideas for boys, now it is all about me (the best way to have things). Lee and I decided today that we were going to cap our present budget to £50 because neither of us are rolling in the dolla, and it prevents me from trying to out do him. We also decided to do old school Christmas lists so we avoid the confusion of what to get each other. 

This year I have gone for a very practical wish list, I normally do and past presents have included a desk, baking tools and this year include a filofax. I always see birthdays and Christmas as an excuse to stock up on the things I really need, not so much as treats and my list may seem pretty boring to a few of you. 

Here it is:

I am having a bit of an organised & Liz Earle Christmas this year. I have been wanting the cleanse and polish for a long time since seeing such good reviews in the blog world and I had a sample sized sachet of the skin tint and it was lovely, it even went on smoothly over my red and dry forehead and chin (SEXY). My mum is hopefully buying me a filofax this year, I've hinted/asked enough times for it and she agrees the pattern on this one is super pretty. I'm loving all things penguiny this winter and these jumper and slippers are amazing, I hope Lee is going to get me the slippers, he found them when we were out shopping. 

What is on your Christmas list?


  1. those penguin slippers are amazing..i'd love a pair of panda ones! Maryam xx

  2. Oh my goodness, I love that penguin sweater + slippers, what a perfect outfit for a comfy cozy day!!

    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Aw I love this, I REALLY want slippers for christmas, and a dressing gown. Got to be cosy in the winter, right?

    How do you make those pictures by the way? do you just stick everything together in photoshop or do you use something else?

    Also, good choice on the filofax, I have the exact same one! xxx

  4. The penguin jumper is cute, it's definitely the best festive jumper I've seen :) I want that recipe folder too, I've been wanting one for a while and that one looks perfect, means I won't have recipes floating round on bits of paper getting lost! x

  5. I'm glad there is so much love for the penguin jumper and slippers! They have some jumpers of different design in Topshop which are equally as cool! xxxx

  6. Ohh boy i hear you on the dollhairs front :( my pockets are so shallow! I'm considering foraging for food at the point hehe O_O

    Yes! That liz earle polish makes for glorious sparkly skin! It is definetly worth investing in <3 xxxx

  7. I was so close to buying this jumper the other day, but it's so expensive for a xmas jumper!...Lovely blog, am now following...thanks for commenting on mine! xx

  8. I highly recommend getting a filofax, I had a small one for a couple of years that I used ocassionally then my mum bought me a slightly bigger one for my birthday this year and I use ALL the time. I wouldn't be without now. The slippers are really cute! xxx


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