Sunday, 15 January 2012

I love you all, lets do a giveaway!

Hello there my dreamy followers!

I've been yabbering on for ages about some day doing a little giveaway, and the time has finally come. I know some of you have probably fallen off your seat with excitement, but pick yourself back up and calm down because it isn't worth too much fuss. I feel really sick today, I think it is because I had a midday hot chocolate, I'm just crazy like that, and my tummy hasn't been able to cope with it very well!

I wanted to do a little giveaway to thank all of you for putting up with me spamming you through December and just generally through the other months. I want to make it pretty clear that I'm not doing this because I'm getting too big for my boots etc, it has caused me a lot of worry about people thinking I'm losing the plot of my blog, but have no fear I will be writing rambling pieces before you know it! I have a little list of people and blogs I want to thank for cheering me up, for coming into my blogging life in such a positive way and for generally writing nice things about me! Those lucky ladies are (I can't link them because it takes so damn long on this computer, and the other day my mum told me off for spending too long blog stalking. Check out my Versatile Blogger post, or my side bar!) :

Sophie at Flirty Dresses
Hazel at Pablo's Angel
Rachel at Cold Knees
Charlotte at Charlotte's Web
Holly at Galaxy Glamour
Bree at Urban Umbrella
Leanne at Little Babble
Lauren at Bits & Bobs
Caroline at Caroline's Catwalk
Carina at I Wish We Were Butterflies
Helen at Half the World Away

I could give all of you a big sloppy kiss. I am sorry if I have missed anyone off, because this was supposed to be done at the beginning of January but what with a dead laptop I couldn't do it as I wanted.


This is what you could win:

They're mainly little ornaments but they will definitely cheer you up. The stone is hand painted by Charlotte of 'Charlotte Says' fame and is one of my favourite designs. I made the little turtle and will sew him some eyes on by the time I send it out! I may also chuck a chocolate bar in if I'm feeling flush.

To enter all I want you to do is leave me a comment with your twitter or email so I can contact you if you win. I will write down all your names and pull one out of the hat and we shall have a winner!

The giveaway will close in a week, on the 22nd January.

Obviously if you think 'what a load of shit' then no worries, I will keep it alllll for myself.


  1. Aww awesome! And you are very sweet! <3

    Here's my Twitter :)!/PablosAngel

  2. Ahhh that turtle is so cute!!! Thank you for listing me!! :) Sending a sloppy kiss right back at ya! ;) Lol

    My twitter is @Sophie_Louise6 as I'm sure you know!xxx

  3. oh my goodness I love your posts because you write exactly as I think! I'm totally with you on the midday hot chocolates, I can only handle them just before going to bed :P
    Thank you for giving me a mention hehe, I am so glad that I found your blog, I love reading it so much and you always put such a smile on my face :D Yours was one of the first I started reading :)
    I love love love love love love this little turtle, I am extremely envious of whoever wins him, he is adorable!!
    my email is :)
    <3 Holz oxo

  4. Aw thank you for mentioning me, you have one of my favourite blogs and I always get excited when I see a new post! My twitter is heleneveline :) xxx

  5. Aaaww thanks for mentioning me, I love your comments on my blog and your blog posts make me smile loads! It sounds silly but you feel like a proper friend not just someones whose blog I read :) anyways the little turtle is so cute (actually everything in the giveaway is!) my email is xxx

  6. Hey just wanted to say thanks for the Versatile Blogger award, it really cheered me up! Also your quirky giveaway is cool :) My email is and my twitter is @Lauren290591 xoxo

  7. Awww I love turtles and tortoises - they're my favourite animals ever! This one is adorable!

    My twitter is - @emberdrake
    My email is -

    Em :-D

  8. Thank you again for the blog award! It is so nice to know that we girls can cheer you up, I really do enjoy popping by your blog. What an adorable giveaway you're having too!

    My email is
    Or twitter @floral_dresses

    Have a wonderful week!

    xx Carina

  9. Thank you for the Versatile blog award, definitely made my monday a million times better! (Gah Mondays!) You're so sweet, love your blog!

    My email is

    The Urban Umbrella


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