Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentines Day Wishlist

Hello Guys!

Sorry I've been such a slacker recently. I've still not got my laptop fixed and I'm still on my mum's slow old machine. I need to have a huge catch up session, I've done a bit but it isn't enough, I NEED TO SEE MORE CLOTHES/MAKE UP/TANGLE TEASERS...I follow a ridiculous amount of fashion/beauty blogs which make me jealous and resentful of my huge overdraft...

Anyway I've been doing quite well with the job hunt recently. I had a final interview on Tuesday which I think went ok, the interviewer was very snappy and fired open ended questions at me. I was expecting far more questions about my sales and customer service, fingers crossed though. I've also got a first round interview in my dream job in London on Valentines Day I'M SO EXCITED. I've done so much research it is ridiculous, my job book is literally bursting. Lee has also got himself an admin job and I'm super proud of him! It does mean that I can't ring him at all hours having the smallest panic about life but I guess I have to grow up some time...

Anyway as you can work out we aren't going to be able to spend Valentines Day together. I am considering coming home via his work and going out for a meal, but it all depends on timings (my interview isn't until late afternoon). We've set ourselves a £10 budget, but I always go over because I see it as a competition. Does anyone else see a budget as a 'minimum spend' and try to out do the other? I'm also going to attempt some heart shaped cake pops and pink macaroons, I will take plenty of photos to update you guys. Anyway, here are my top little treats for a lady under a tenner:

I will also do one for men because I know the majority of my readers are girls!

How are you spending Valentines Day?


  1. Aww, how cute are those Panda socks! Good luck with your coming job interviews, I hope they bring you some good news - you completely deserve it after all your hard work! xx

  2. I love Topshop socks - so cute! <3
    Good luck for the job hun and a huge congrats to Lee!! :D xoxox

  3. Aww good luck with your interview! I'm sure you'll ace it :)

  4. Oooh yay good luck lovely, it all sounds promising!! I'll have fingers crossed for you :) xxx

  5. Love the red lipstick!!

    Good luck on your interview! I am sure you'll do great!!

    The Urban Umbrella

  6. I love the little miss princess cup! :) Heart cake pops sound amazing! Best of luck with your interview next week!

    Caroline x

  7. I love the mug, I'm the same with my boyfriend we always spend more than we say we will! I'm going to attempt to make white chocolate truffles for valentines day but god knows how they'll turn out! xxx

  8. Good luck with your interview!! :-)

    And awww I love the Little Miss Princess mug and panda socks! They're so cute!


  9. Good luck for your interview! So excited for you.. London is my dream, one day I'll get there lol

    These gifts are cute, we've set a £5 spend but yeah.. I'm like you (and so is he) this year we had a maximum spend of £75 for Christmas and ended up spending way, way over. no wonder I'm so skint now! x


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