Friday, 23 March 2012

What's On Your Doorstep? - Charlotte

This post sees the lovely Charlotte from Charlotte's Web going out and taking some photos of a beautiful building right on her doorstep, I love a good historical building and grounds. Charlotte has done me a lot of blog favours in the short time we've been blog friends, she made me my button, gave me a chance to write a guest post over at her place and has generally been lovely when I've emailed her asking stupid questions about HTML... I love the variety of features on Charlotte's Web and just the down-to-earthness of every post. Another positive is that she has actually written a post to accompany the photos which will stop my gushing and allow her to take centre stage, HIT IT CHARLOTTE:
Last weekend, in the interest of saving money, my boyfriend and I decided to go out taking photographs for this post. At first I was a little worried about what exactly there is that is exciting or beautiful right on my doorstep, since I live in the city centre and you know, roads ain’t pretty.

I was about to take pictures of my garden, which is kind of alright, when I remembered I live a ten minute walk away from one of my favourite places, which just happens to be featured in the new Batman movie. (Yep, cool right?)

We love this place because it is beautiful, tranquil and quaint. There is a sort of museum inside, tea rooms outdoors and ducks and deer in the grounds. We stopped off for breakfast on our way over, and then spent the day here.

I hope you have something just as lovely on your doorstep. This place always makes my day.

(ps. Thanks for having me Becca!)

I think that my favourite photo has to be number 4, I love the detailing on the building as well as the blue skies above it. I am very keen on the duck photo though, so cute!

What is your favourite photograph?
Do you have any nice historical buildings near you?

Becca x


  1. oh my!!! this looks amazing!!!! Issnt it weird how we tend to forget places like this when they are right under our noses? I would gladly spend weeks there :)

    love K

  2. This is really pretty!!!! :) I live just outside of Winchester so have loooaaaads of history there! I didnt realise some of it existed until a few weeks ago. Oops xxx

  3. That building is absolutely beautiful. I've lived in Leeds for years and I know there are many nice buildings like this around but I've just never made it to them.... Maybe this year I will!

    Alex x

    1. Definitely go and have a look around! Especially in this sunshine xxx

  4. Oh wow these are beautiful!

  5. The 2nd one. I visited my dad's cousin in London once (long long time ago) and his daughter took me to this park and this picture reminds me of it. I love how green it is. So calming.


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