Thursday, 29 March 2012

What's On Your Doorstep - Rachel

 The third instalment in my mini-series comes from Rachel over at Cold Knees. I am so glad Rachel has agreed to take part, she has been with me and my blog for a long time, offering me advice, kind words and relating to my stories. I've similarly seen her blog grow to crazy heights and her outfits get more and more gorgeous every post (leaving me with an insane feeling of jealousy). It was Rachel who first made me realise you can build genuine relationships on the blogging scene and was first in the long line of people who I now describe as 'blog friends' to Lee. I'll stop being a huge gushing idiot now and let you see the photos, as this is the point of the post... I love Rachel's photos, they're not of huge landscapes or buildings but are of the smaller, more delicate things in her locality. The colours are bright and beautiful and the emphasis on plants and flowers really tie the set together.  

 Again, it is so hard to choose a favourite! I think that the flower shop display may just pip the others to the post. I'm a sucker for bright colours, especially when they come in the form of beautiful flowers. Thank you Rachel for taking part, I'm so grateful. 

Which photograph is your favourite? 

Becca x


  1. They're all gorgeous! Look at those colours... I want to live there

  2. oh i love these (and rachel!) i definitely agree with the idea of having bloggy friends, it's nice to find more people in a different community. i'd love to take part in this if you're still looking for people. i'd love to give a wee tour around liverpool. xx

  3. The pictures are so nice! I think the second photo is my favourite. I've loved all of the posts in this series so far :) So nice seeing little snippets of where other people live! xx

  4. you are far too kind <3 thanks for including me in your guest posting series :) I really need to get organised and do something similar too!! xxx

  5. My favourite is the blooming tree! So pretty :)

  6. Awe thats so sweet, I totally agree though - its shocking to find that you can actually make genuine friendships from the blogging world. Its really amazing and lovely.

    Beautiful photos.

    The Urban Umbrella

  7. I love the first photo - the flowers are such cheerful, bright colours! :-)


  8. you have some really beautiful photos and posts on your blog, just been having a read through and am really enjoying what i read and see :) x

  9. The second one. The pink flowers with the house as the background, beautiful.


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