Friday, 11 May 2012

Friepiphany Part 2

Following on from my previous blog I've decided to compile you a list of 3 questions to ask yourself, to double check your friendships are on the right track. I'm no authority on this subject by any means, but it seems to work for me. 

1. Can you talk about poo with them?
I think this is of paramount importance, I talk about pooping quite a lot with my friends, one time Charlotte said 'we talk about poo far more than other friendship groups' and it is bloody true. A true friend is one you can imagine have an attack of the shits with and them not worrying. One time Lorna basically bullied me into having an alchopoop at her house, because really, it was for the best. At university I had to overcome a lot of people thinking I was mental as I kept bringing up poop, but once you've broken them down, people are relieved to have someone to lament about their runny tummy or their cramps. One of my best friends highest compliments is that he reads my blog whilst having a shit.

2. Can you go weeks without talking and everything be normal?
Lee introduced me to this theory and it is true, sometimes I don't talk to my friends for weeks, but when we meet up everything is completely normal, we laugh, we tease and we bicker. Sometimes  I genuinely do forget to text back or reply on Facebook - to be honest the best way is to get me on Twitter. Friendships that can last without constant updates are the best, there is no overbearing sense of duty, no avoidance of messages because it is all too much and no pressure to do something amazing so you don't end up chatting about how you can't decide between shiny or matt tights (a serious discussion I got Lee involved in). 

3. Do they tell you when you're being mental?
I'm the kinda girl that will tell you if you look like a sausage in that dress, or if you're blowing things out of proportion, and I expect that kind of harshness back. I need people to tell me to grow up, to tut at me when I'm moaning about my latest pet peeve or to tell me off when I take things too far. However, there is a difference between a 'toxic friend', who will just constantly put you down until you completely agree with them on everything, and a real friend who will get the perfect balance of both, leaving you feeling like a mug but also hugely grateful for the kick up the arse.

Now that I've imparted these pieces of wisdom on you, go forth and think about pooing at your friend's house. 


  1. I agree the sign of a true friend is one you can go without seeing for weeks/months and then we you do get together it's like nothing has changed! It's like this when I meet up with some friends from uni, we can go weeks without speaking but are never short of something to say when we do see each other! :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. This post literally made me laugh out loud. Brilliance! and SO true! I checked these three questions with my friends and realised i have one amazing friend - we talk about all sorts including poo, she regularly tells me i'm being mental and always says 'text me when your being mental instead of inflicting it on your boyfriend' and she lives 200 miles away and everything is still normal when we see each other for a catch up.

    I definitely needed to read this post after some dodgy dealings with friends.

    Lisa x

  3. I agree with all of those things!! I saw my best friend yesterday for the first time in weeks and we chatted like we had seen each other the day before and we were having lenghtly conversations about poo and sex! Niiiiiice!! HAHA xx


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