Sunday, 3 June 2012

Living with Your Boyfriend

After getting my job, I realised I was going to have to relocate somewhere within commuting distance to London. Lee conveniently lives 50 minutes away on the train, so off I popped with my suitcase (which I now realise contained far too little clothes) and  landed at his. I'm hugely grateful for being allowed to stay at his for an undefined amount of time, and despite my best attempts to be a bitch of a girlfriend my spontaneous crying session, Lee has put up with and supported me and I've become settled and happy. 

I was originally in a huge tizz at the thought of us living together, we did it all through university and had several worries including: his bed is lumpy, we're too young to be living together and I would miss my family. I've been home once and after coming back I felt so much better about the whole thing, and after talking my friends to death about it (I'm a huge drama queen) I've slowly but surely forgotten all my worries and I am thoroughly enjoying the whole experience - from reading our kindles in bed together to baking flapjacks. I've put together a little list of the benefits of living with your boyfriend for you to all enjoy and add to in the comments (if you feel like it)

1. Men don't notice if you're having a bad skin day. The longer I've been living with Lee the less make up I've been wearing. If I stand in front of the mirror moaning about my oily skin or my dry skin, Lee doesn't really care, nor does he see what all the fuss is about. To him, my face is my face no matter what is going on. I LOVE IT. It is so refreshing. I've stopped staring obsessively at potential spot areas and covering my face in product after product because really, no one looks at your face as much as you do yourself. 

2. There is someone to slob out with. Recently Lee and I have been watching American The Office and it is so so so funny, we spend hours just watching episodes back to back, it is so much easier to do when you have someone to enjoy it with. The same thing happened with Modern Family, 30 Rock and House. Last month we also spend a ridiculous amount of money on junk food and chocolate, I'm fairly sure that's why people put on weight in relationships - slobbing out becomes a far more regular thing!

3. There's still enough space to do separate things. Right now as I'm writing this blog Lee is playing Fifa and I've been blogging and hanging around other social networks. Even though we live together we still manage to find the time to see other friends and fill our time with different past times. I was initially worried we would become clingy and needy but far from it - taking time out from each other is all part of getting the balance right, and living closer to London means I can easily make plans with friends.

So there you have it. When we were long distance I wrote a post about the benefits of long distance which you can find here, I still stand by them, (especially concerning shaving) but living together isn't so scary.

Becca xx


  1. Very cute list, I'm so glad living together is working out for you! I definitely agree with what you've said topo, my boyfriend never notices if my make up is smudged (even when i ask him directly if my make up looks bad, he just looks confused about what hes trying to find) or if i have a spot coming on. Also, reading together is awesome, ive just spent all day reading hunger games while he plays some football game (which he refers to as reading)


  2. hear hear, I do agree as long as you get the balance right it can be very lovely indeed to live with a boyfriend :) glad it's going well for you guys xx

  3. I agree with this list completely. I live with my boyfriend and he doesn't notice if I have a bad skin day and he's usually studying whilst I'm in the living room (god that makes me sound so anti social)! xx

  4. Aww this post is adorable! I especially love the comic strip at the top!

    I would love to live with my boyfriend so I'm jealous that you're living with yours lol! I'm glad everything's working out though and that your worries were unfounded :)

  5. Ah, I have to agree with you on this.. I've lived with my bf for almost 3 years and it does take a bit of getting used to but thats all it is... A change in routine. You soon get used to it! :D Good luck, not that you need it love¬ xxx

  6. Wahoo! Really glad things are working out for you and your man, gorgeous lady! Slobbing out is one of life's greatest pleasures! Lovely man, junk food, chocolate, and crap TV?! Lovely! Xx

  7. I'm glad you're enjoying it! It reminds me of the time I was living with my now ex-boyfriend. I so relate to what you say, that he doesn't notice if you have bad skin for a day (or a bad hair day for that matter).

  8. I totally agree with everything you've written!

    I was really surprised at first to realise men don't notice things like bad skin days/whether your wearing makeup or not but it is really nice not to have to bother with makeup sometimes and just relax, eat junk food and be yourself because you know your boyfriend loves you regardless! :-)


  9. You are right men don't notice things like bad skin/hair days or cellulite and lumpy bits which is a big bonus! Congratulations on getting on so well together! XxxX

  10. I love living with my boyfriend, it has made some of the best times of my life - I adore cooking together, spa-days together, movies together and most of all I love falling asleep next to my best friend! You're right too, boys never notice a bad hair/skin day - thank god for that!

    The Urban Umbrella

  11. All you're points are so true. I love living with Chris as it's like living with my best friend too. We share silly moments, love watching tv series all day long on the sofa with lots of much and like you say, we still manage to have separate lives too. I'm really happy for you (: xxxx


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