Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tuesday 26 June

The sun was out, Monday was done with and I managed to catch the train on time, Tuesdays are my favourite day except Friday, I’m not exhausted by the week and Monday is over and finished. Today again the office was quiet and I really upped my email pictures game by pasting the head of my colleague on a matador:

I also conquered my ridiculous fear of talking on the phone by ringing up someone and asking for help. I just don’t like sitting in an open office and talking on the phone, I’m worried someone will hear and think I’m being too loud/too quiet or just a bit dumb. I’m not cut out for a call centre. Branched out and had a salad for lunch today, as well as a juice which was two of my five a day! I also bought a bag of apples for my desk, I’m trying really hard with this whole eating healthily thing. I did experience a bit of a relapse when I got home and ate the last of our pick & mix and some oreos BUT now they’re finished I won’t be tempted by them right?!

I visited Boots and got some new deodorant and Aveeno. My old deodorant was Sure’s Maximum Protection which I couldn’t wait to finish as it was a horrible thick goop which made marks on all my clothes AND underneath my armpits on my dresses, it really was horrible stuff, and it didn’t protect much more than normal, and what with all my running for the train I’d say I’m a pretty good tester. ANYWAY my favourite guy served me at Boots – Garfield. He never recognises me but we have good bants, he tells me not to speak to strangers every time he serves me and then slips in another well known phrase – yesterday’s was ‘nice to see you, to see you nice.’ Down at the cafe in our office they were selling books and I picked up the Hummingbird bakery book for a fiver! 

On the way home from work we popped into Co-op to pick up some food (we live near the world’s worst co-op, the staff are really something...) and it ended in me calling Lee a ‘pussy’ over his lack of enthusiasm for veg and me bickering at everything he said, I’m such a joy! We did avoid all chocolate and the crisps though, so pat on the back! Dinner was a tuna pasta bake which I chilled and will have for lunch – economical AND healthy. The rest of the night saw me talk to my mum on the phone – she told me she had rearranged the spare room and the gossip from my road as well as watching Friends (which I have got back into in a big way).

How was your Tuesday?
Anyone else hate talking on the phone at work?

Becca xx


  1. Happy tuesday!! Love your story about you and Lee, actually made me laugh out loud. You two sound like a lot of fun.
    Also I totally hate when deoderant is all gross like that, so many times I've purchase a new deo and been dissapointed!

    The Urban Umbrella


    1. Hahah thanks, we almost had a repeat performance tonight, it's something about that shop! I'm always hunting for the perfect deodorant but never find it xxx

  2. I hate talking on the phone too for the exact same reasons so I'd be screwed in a call centre too. I also hate talking on the phone because texting/emails gives me more time to think of responses lol!

    I'm glad you're sticking your healthy eating lifestyle - I need to start!

    Also, Garfield sounds like a right laugh!

    1. I totally agree! I can never remember all I need do say so that I end up having to ring back or something. Garfield = legend xxx

  3. Hey Becca, thanks for stopping by my blog today :) I hate talking on the phone at work too, I just think it's inappropriate - even though I have my own office, I'd rather make and take calls whilst I'm outside walking to the post office etc. I wouldn't want anyone picking up bits and pieces and ending up with the wrong picture! Congratulations on the attempts towards healthy eating! xoxox

  4. Yea that is very true, I have no problems with calls outside the office, I'm always ringing people! Thanks you! xxx

  5. I hate talking on the phone at work which sucks as I get rung all the time with queries!! I'm not a fan of tuesdays though really, I find it a bit of a nothingy day.. xx

  6. I hate talking on the phone at work especially because we have the most excellent guy who chooses to comment on everything you say like you are stupid.. glad its not just anyone. Love the matador game, we still keep meaning to play the 'find people who are famous that look like your colleagues' game.. sounds so much fun! xx

  7. I hate talking on the phone to people I don't know, it scares me! The story ab out the guy in Boots made me laugh xxx


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