Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wednesday 27th June

Oh Wednesday, or hump day as I sometimes call it when trying to be hip, American and a little bit like The Rock.

A particularly tiring day for me yesterday despite not doing that much. I’m growing increasingly grateful that Work Experience and I are building up a good email relationship, it sure does break up the monotony of emails with headers like ‘A quick favour’ or ‘FW: I need some help with press clippings.’ Sadly no opportunity for me to up my game with the email pictures, and I’m frankly livid about it.

In the morning I managed to make the train in on time – always a bonus, and I got in and had to get my head down as Wednesday is always a pretty serious day. I ate my bananas, oranges and apples. My pasta lunch went down an absolute treat, I also felt pretty proud and grown up that I had used the communal fridge – I guess I’m a real life member of staff now. The working day went fairly quickly and I got the majority of my ‘to do’ list done, although I do often complete a task, write it down, then tick it off...

We went to the Co-op again, another trip another argument...  This time it was about pasta sauce and tuna. It’s that shop, it turns me mental I swear. It is so dingy and I think the peppers were the same ones as Tuesday, they were really shrivelled... We bought some peppers and tuna for our jacket potatoes, I forced us to have salad on the side to balance out the huge plate of carbs in front of us... I even had time to cook some pasta for my dinner tomorrow and put the washing on, despite the fact Lee asked me to wash his work shirt and I accidentally washed mine and the one he wore yesterday – God forbid he is seen twice in the same shirt! In the evening we watched football and I wrote a couple of blog posts – one on my London Lessons series and another on 50 Shades of Gery, but it is a bit ‘out there’ so I’m not sure I’m brave enough to post it...

I had three celebrations (malteasers, galaxy and bounty), not as much of a relapse as yesterday and did eat all my fruit.

How was your Wednesday?

Anyone else cheat on their ‘to do’ list?

Becca xx


  1. hahaha you're reading 50 shades too? I read them on my trip. Excited to see your take on them!

    The Urban Umbrella


  2. Well I got a quarter of the way through and had to give up! xxx


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