Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What happened to words?

It's true. Well none of the above is true, but I have lost my blogging mojo. I've become worried to post without pictures and started doubting about what I post and obsessively checking my stats. I remember when I started this blog and I just used it to write little updates and funny stories. Then as I started getting over 10 followers I changed to add photos and more mundane life updates. That isn't the direction I want to take. I want to write because I feel the need, because I get excited by the topic and because I would enjoy reading it. 

I've seen more and more blogs just turn into photo diaries, outfit posts and make up reviews. There are only so many reviews of one product I can take and often outfit posts leave me lacking for comments (except my regular favourites, you know who you are Rachel, Bree and Leanne), I am not one for clothes, what I wear depends on my clean washing. Also I don't really like clothes shopping. Blogs are awesome for sharing ideas and I think it is great that blogging has got such a strong fashion and beauty community, some of you girls really know how to dress!

I'm going to go now. Think of some posts. They'll probably be about books or moving (I'm trying to get into London and we're looking for places on Saturday) or food. I'm also going to look for more lifestyle blogs, ones which inspire me and are beautifully written. Please leave any recommendations!


  1. This post made me sad! :( Don't leave me! ;) xxxx

  2. ahh yes don't leaaaaaveeeee =( Write about whatever you want! Lifestyle stuff is cool, I don't really have any recommendations but you can find nice stuff on Pinterest..writing about books is good too, I might do a book post soon! And yay London! Maybe we can stalk each other properly then xxx

  3. Hey Becca, I hope you find your mojo again :) I have a little notebook which I fill with ideas for posts or just thoughts on the direction I want the blog to take. I don't look at the statistics, and I've been thinking seriously about blogging stat free. I think you should just write for you, remain true to yourself :) Much love, V xoxox

  4. You know what you can write about?
    Food. Especially desserts. That you love.
    It makes me feel good when I'm down, so writing about them will make you feel better. And your blog feel better.
    Or a picture of a place you love or an item you love telling us its story.
    I have been through the lost mojo phase and it's not a good one. But I'm sure you'll get over it. The wombat didn't eat it, it just took it for a walk :)

  5. Awe I love your blog, and your stories - don't get down about them or stats - I find your blog so refreshing and fun to read!! Write about whatever makes you happy, you'l get your mojo back =) Take a few days to go on a fun adventure and you'll be re-inspired in no time =)

    The Urban Umbrella

  6. So many people are losing their mojo right now! It seems like every time I log in someone else has written one of these posts lol. Mine is becoming more of a short story/ diary kind of place (which I hope you'll still pop by to look at, you're one of my faves!) just because I find it so much easier and so much less stressful than when I try to blog about topics i think other people are interested in - even if im only vaguely interested myself!

    either way, make sure you keep tweeting - your tweets are hilarious!

  7. I hope this helps! I nominated you for the Liebster award!

  8. Well, I also feeling obsessed with my stats. I checked it about two times each day!
    But hey, don't worry. If you don't feel comfortable to post with a photos in it, it's really okay. Blog is a place to express your personality and what you like! Not for making other peoples happy! :)

    ps: come to my blog if you have any free times. i just looking around for some new blogger friends! xx

  9. Ugh I'm feeling the exact same way. I haven't been happy with what I've been posting in a while and have no idea how to fix it

  10. I hope you find your mojo soon Becca! :(
    Post about whatever you want, that's what blogs are all about - if you like what you're posting then everyone else will too :) xx

  11. I'm sending you good vibes to get your blogging mojo back! Maybe you just need a good dose of inspiration. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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