Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hello all my lovely followers new and old! Since Charlotte has mentioned me I've shot up in the followers stake, always exciting for a small timer like me. 

Sorry I've been a bit quiet this week, I've been dealing with real life which has a habit of sneaking up on me. I will fill you all in soon, bet you can't bloody wait. 

Here are the links I've been visiting in my lunch break:


  1. Love these kind of posts. Will be having a sneak through these links now :)

  2. Those bic for her reviews are genius

    1. They're so funny aren't they? A great Amazon review is a thing of beauty xxx

  3. Oh my god, amazon reviews are my favourite things to read when I'm bored! No-one takes it seriously lol. Take a look at the page for inflatable toast, you won't regret it.

    Also, congrats on all the new followers :D xx

  4. I'm getting better thanks. I do secretly (well not so secretly) love the rain.
    I could have used this whale tissue box this week!x

  5. I am Loving those bic reviews, marvellous. Also want the Etsy whale :)

  6. I found you via Charlotte and am working my way through your blog, I love it! Recommendation is the best way to find new blogs. Great idea for a post, I love the whale tissue box holder! Congratulations on your all your new followers xx


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