Monday, 6 August 2012

Let's talk about money


Money. A tricky subject at best.

I never have enough, I’m not (or at least I hope I’m not) one of those people who constantly whinges how little I have, I do a tiny whimper and then give in. Admittedly most of my wage goes on rent and travel, leaving me with very little to get by on once my bills have come out. I’ve been overdrawn since the beginning of second year at university – I had to pay my own rent which was a huge hit every term.

I’m in no way complaining about paying my own rent, I don’t see myself as some kind of martyr, it taught me the value of money, to not spend money on clothes, fancy foods or gadgets. As those around me bought insanely expensive jumpers and new high end electrical goods, I spent mine on value vodka and wine. Even now before I buy anything over £10 I have a moment of doubt and most of my money goes on food and alcohol, I don’t know why but I guess it is the remnants of university life.

Money is always hard to talk about, whether it is with your parents or your friends. I always find myself feeling pressured to spend in the face of my richer friends, I don’t want to whine; I’m a grown up now who is earning her own money. Part of the problem is my friends are on higher salaries, they don’t mind spending £20 to enter a club and stay for a couple of hours – to me that is a week of dinners or a couple of new DVDs. They don’t mind going to shops where the tshirts are more expensive than my whole outfit, I try to stay out of the discussion of money but what gets me is when they moan about the lack of it.  It’s hard to remember that everyone can experience the post spend guilt, that no matter how much money you have you can always be worried about it.

Being is debt is one of my biggest hang ups. I’ve only been in credit for a week since my second year, and that was this month. I slip into thinking that my overdraft limit is actually my money, it isn’t. It’s the bank’s money that I am continually paying back. I’m hoping next payday to have paid it back, but with flat hunting and travel being a constant I’m doubtful I’ll be completely free for a year, or longer to be in the position where I can spend my wages on things like a holiday or a pair of shoes that are worth over £20.

I don’t have any budget advice, I never stick to mine for more than a fortnight. All I can say is don’t rely on the bank, try to curb your spending even if it means eating a ham sandwich you have carried in your bag all morning. Don’t let money get you down too much, in the grand scheme of life you’ll remember the periods of austerity with a hazy nostalgia. Grin and bear it, don’t resent your friends and don’t live above your means. 

Becca x


  1. I completely agree - when I was at uni in Durham most of the other students in my dorm were from very rich families and would blow £150 on a pair of heels while I felt guilty if I spent a fiver on cheap alcopops for the month lol

    I'll hopefully get to a place in life where I can go on holidays abroad and buy some of the expensive stuff on my monthly Wish Lists - but in the meantime I'm with you on just making sure I keep out of debt and don't live in my overdraft!


  2. I have an overdraft and its not through uni its just through me being silly its a vicious thing to get in to but I have now opened up a new bank account so that I can start paying my overdraft off on my old one because that would never happen if I stuck with my old account. Im hoping to have it all paid off fairly soon in the new year and i wont be getting an overdraft on my new account

  3. What a great post!!! I don't have an overdraft so when I go overdrawn they charge me shit loads. I want to cry. I hate money! ;) xxxx

  4. I always feel guilty about spending money on anything. That's probably why I hate shopping so much!

  5. sound advice.. I tend to go into my overdraft every now and then, but a few years ago I was very, very poor indeed ( - three figures!) I'm looking forward to the days of looking back on this with nostalgia, but living in London I'm not sure when that will be! xx


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