Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Things That Are Ruined By My Nut Allergy

Chinese takeaway - I have never experienced satay

Indian takeaway – My mum constantly buys me curry with nuts in...

Pesto – So many pasta and pizza and delicious Italian dishes I’m missing out on

Crunchy nut cornflakes – They look so delicious and more-ish, their advertising campaigns really work on me. I imagine they’re like cinnamon grahams but nicer and crunchier.

Cakes from shops – I can’t handle cakes being sat next to cakes with nuts for decorations, if a vanilla cupcake is next to a walnut whip, I’m steering clear.

Ice cream – Pistachio ice cream and unwashed ice cream scoops are a recipe for disaster

Toast - I've never had Nutella, peanut butter, or peanut butter and jam on toast.

Chocolate - Snickers, Fruit & Nut and many chocolate made with hazelnut have been constant figments of my imaginary taste buds. I can't even begin to think about what a Snickers tastes like, it blows my mind.

Desserts in a restaurant – I normally stay away from ordering pudding. So many potential nut contaminations, the serving equipment, a rogue peanut in the mix  or a menu not fully divulging the ingredients. My heart leaps when restaurants like Pizza Express have (n) by the nutty desserts.

My teenage years – witty banter flew my way, including “she can’t teabag, she’s allergic to nuts!!!!”  and other such related jokes

Is anyone else out there allergic to nuts? 
Or have any allergies at all?


  1. Haha, that last one made me laugh. I'd be so sad if I had this allergy, reeses peanut butter chocolate bars are better than a night with jude law (I imagine)

    I'm allergic to spot treatment, but luckily im not a spotty person so i get away with it. Also mosquito bites, i got bit on my leg last week and by midday it looked like i had a tennis ball strapped to my thigh.

    I looked dead sexy


    1. By thigh, i meant the bottom half of my leg, obviously


  2. Ah how annoying is that?!?! :( Trust me, Snickers bars taste vile so you're not missing out.

    I'm allergice to Strawberries and Raspberries! :( xxx

  3. You aint missing much in regards to crunchy nut cornies! Very unexiting. And for nut butters, I have seen sunbutter (sunflower seeds) for people with nut allergies, check it :) it's lush, I hear xxx

  4. argh, nut allergies are crappy.. my colleague who sits opposite me at work has it, so she doesn't appreciate me eating pistachios that's for sure. the saddest thing is no peanut butter in your life :( *hugs* xxx

  5. I am genuinely devastated you can't have nutella, it's so nice! I'm allergic to latex which is annoying because I can't wear false eyelashes as there's latex in the glue, and also I can't wear latex gloves because my hands itch like mad! Xxx

  6. One of my co-workers is allergic to nuts and I know it bothers him. =(
    I am allergic to lots of perfumes so many facial scrubs, body washes, body butters, lotions, moisturizers, etc do not work for me. This girl in highschool use to wear a really popular Victoria Secret perfume all the time and I would literally be scratching my eyes and sneezing the whole class, it was not fun.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  7. That’s rough. We refrain from bringing peanuts to work because a number of folks in our office have nut allergies…which lead to the introduction of chocolate soy nut butter (bean not nut even though the name indicates otherwise) and jelly sandwiches…yum!

  8. Aww it must be really annoying having to avoid so many food items - although I have to admit laughing out loud at the last one and getting funny looks from my coworkers! :-D

    I'm intolerant (not allergic thankfully) to too much milk and my friends love to taunt me by drinking huge strawberry milkshakes when I can only have a few sips before losing the ability to breathe properly. Meanies!



  9. :( You poor thing to have never tasted Nutella! Have you tried any of the nut-free variations? They could be nice.
    I am lucky enough not to have an allergies... although I'm thinking of going gluten free soon as I sometimes get terrible tummy pains after eating wheat-filled food.
    xx Maria

  10. Hahaha! 'can't teabag' genius! It must be so annoying. The only thing I have to think about is those little buggers - strawberries. *evil eye squint* xx

  11. Oh my, this made me sad! Chicken satay, pistachio ice cream and peanut butter are 3 of my all time favourite things.

    I am allergic to a 100% wool blanket my mum has, it makes me sneeze and my face itch =/

  12. Oh gosh, I can't imagine having to miss out on these things. Someone should invent some kind of substitute so you can have the taste but not the reaction! I love Snickers bars. Gotta say that my life without pesto would be a boring one, I have such a limited diet at university that it's the only thing to spice up my plain pasta! Nutella would not be something I'd be ok with not eating, basically all I lived off in exams.
    I get reactions to some food as I have a very sensitive digestive system (sigh). I absolutely love strawberries (strange to see quite a few people in the comments being allergic) but they can give me a face rash, along with any other berry really. I also can't really do dairy, or eggs as they both make me sick. It's a shame because I love them both!

  13. Oh no i can't imagine not ordering dessert it's the best part of the meal for me! It must get quite tricky with things though. I'm allergic to kiwi fruit but seen as that isn't really in anything I'm fine! xxx

  14. uhh my boyfriends sister is allergic to nuts, and the worst thing is on a plane! i'm always so scared someone opens a bag of peanuts and it floats through the air, ahah :) i'm lactose intolerant, which isn't as severe, but i feel your pain on the desert part! xo

  15. these things are such a shame to miss out on...that's got to be real tough. but i wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! i'll be sure to keep an eye out for more of your posts :)

  16. Ahaha, Owh!! (lolling about from your wittiness/ feeling guilty for being able to eat nuts at the same time). xxxxx

  17. Oh no! Allergies suck, especially such a serious one like nuts. Luckily, I don't have any but my husband is allergic to all seafood, which is actually more difficult to avoid than you might imagine!! I try to avoid it as much as I can now: just in case :-)

  18. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes aren't all that, don't feel bad. But you are right about Snickers, oh my god they are AMAZING ;-) xx


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