Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dear September

This month I'm going to freaking nail it. I've made some decisions at the end of August and September is going to be a good month.

I've been chatting to my mum and dad about my job, saying how I'm going to do one thing a day to break out of my comfort zone, whether that be doing the jobs I dislike first, or taking on jobs that aren't usually in my routine. I'm a creature of habit, and as I'm fairly new I want to prove myself not only to others but to me.

This month also carries Lee and I closer to our four year anniversary. It's a nice tradition that I have a relationship freak out before or after, but this September I will not let any negative thoughts in. Examples of previous ones include 'I'm too young to be with Lee for so long' or 'What if I love Lee too much.' It mainly revolves around my age and the amount of time we've been together for. He fully expects it now and the other day on our walk home he was asking me if I knew when it was going to happen. At least I'm consistent?

I'm going to save money and fill my London Ideas Notebook with lots of free events and a London Bucket List which will get me excited for the future, to be honest I'm just happy with a wander along the Southbank or hanging out in Canary Wharf.

Without doing a back-to-school shop this September feels a bit lacking, it is my second one and I'm still not used to it, even at uni I bought diaries and folders and stationary. I would say I'll pop into Paperchase but I'm not spending money...

Becca x


  1. Good luck with meeting your September goals, take this month by storm! Cx

  2. This is my first time not having to stock up on post its and pens...not that I use university as an excuse to buy stationery, it just means I can't buy as much anymore as I don't have a good enough reason besides loving it!x

  3. I really like this post and I love that you are so self aware about your relationship - I'm the same and people often find it odd.
    Good luck in proving yourself at your job. With focussing on that, maybe this will be the first year you don't have a relationship freakout :-)

    rachael @ madeupoflittlethings xx

  4. I agree...even though I have no use for all new stationary etc, September just isn't September with a little revamp. This year I've treated myself to an Autumn bag and a couple of new notebooks. I tell myself that working in a school makes this acceptable...

    And I LOVE the idea of doing one thing a day that's out of your comfort zone. Maybe this should be a blogger challenge, like the photoaday thing....I'll definitely be giving it a go! x

  5. Ah I love this post!! Good luck with your september! Definitely know what you mean about the whole being in a relationship thing though. I'm in the same boat!!! :)xxxx

  6. Happy (almost) 4 years! We are quickly approaching the same anniversary (in November) and I mayyyy have had a small freak out last year, so I totally understand!

  7. I'm glad you're starting to step out of your comfort zone! Changes can be stressful sometimes, but you'll appreciate later! and happy four years!

  8. Congrats on 4 years together and good luck with your September goals - I'm a creature of habit and need to break out of my comfort zone more often too! :-D

    It's been 5 years since I last went stationery shopping for Uni but I still can't resist going and stocking up on a notepad/binder or two every September hehe (I always find a use for them after all)


  9. I love it "I'm going to freaking nail it"!!! You go girl.

  10. Good luck!! London is so good for free fun times, just a walk around Harrods fills me with the happys. Make sure to write a funny post if you have your annual breakdown, sharing is caring ;) xx

  11. Good luck with all your goals. In December my boyfriend and I will have been together for 5 years and it is a little scary but I wouldn't change a second of it! xxx


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