Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dinosaurs and the Deep Sea

Last night I provided Lee with a lot of amusement, I had a little freak out about how deep the ocean is.

It all started when we were lying in bed, PJs on, lights out and he turned and said 'I would really like to watch Frozen Planet again, maybe some more nature documentaries in general.'

I then warned him we won't be watching any that involve deep water. I know that David Attenborough has been allowed to name species as he has discovered them, and from there I rambled about all the unknown that lurked in the bottom of the ocean, where no human can ever go. I blabbed on until I got to the point where I was talking about how dinosaurs like Predator X (one of my biggest fears) is just lurking down there. Or some have evolved to deal with the dark and the pressure and that almost freaked me out more... I then told him about how I believe that pterodactyls live in the mountains and are sometimes seen by people on aeroplanes  He laughed, I googled it and he said good night.

Then he started tickling my head and going 'wooohaaa' as if he was a creepy little fish monster.

True love.


  1. haha, this is brilliant! You two are probably the funniest couple ever x

  2. Hahaha at the 'creepy little fish monster' - you two are both adorable and hilarious! :-D



  3. Hahaha I love this :))), especially people seeing pterodactyls out of plane windows! ( that would freak anyone out to be fair) xx

  4. I'm totally with you on sea monsters, have you SEEN some of the crazy shizzle that lives down there??
    Late night bed conversations are the best, that's when my boyfriend comes out with some of his very best work, including once telling me how much he loved Special K and couldn't wait to have a bowl in the morning!! xx

  5. boys can be mean :P my fear is space so my boyfriend plays the 'what if' game and always includes space!x

  6. Hahahaha!

    No words for this!

  7. Haha! Boys! Can't live with them, can't live without 'em! :P x x

  8. Ahhh I love this story. This is exactly what me and my bf are like all the time. I do tend to ramble on about mad concepts which I can't contain in my head (: xx

  9. Just came by from CharlottesWeb.. This is awesome, how I would love to have a conversation like that.
    I don't like the sea either but not because of the unknown, i'm just terrified of Whales and how big they are *shivers*

    Beki x

  10. Hahaaha absolutley love this- exactly the kind of ramble I go on! I swear a man could not handle being in my brain for more then 5 mintues :)

  11. oh thanks for that, I had no knowledge of Predator X until now, so I'll probably have nightmares. THANKS. BYE. xxx

  12. hahaha ! you guys are so cute :)


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