Monday, 8 October 2012

Great baking websites

Recently I've been spending my lunch breaks looking for recipes online and cake decorating ideas. I've stumbled across some cracking websites and I thought it would be worth sharing my top three with you all. Every single one makes me want to stuff my face with their delicious goods and they provide me with hours of web-surfing-food-photography pleasure.


Delicious recipes, icing tips and tutorials and illustrated guides. What more could you want from a baking site? Like them on Facebook for delicious updates. Theses cakes can be found here 

Bake at 350

The best icing designs you'll see anywhere. How can you resist these walrus biscuits?! There are photos for every stage of the icing, as well as more recipes and themed ones for your favourite holidays, I've even seen Harry Potter cookies. I'll be visiting before Halloween! The walrus biscuits can be found here

Joy the Baker

Joy the Baker is the most recent of my finds, I love the stories behind the bakes and the images that aren't purely of food. They give such character to the website. These brittle and jam blondies can be found here


What are your go-to websites for baking and other recipes? Leave me some yummy links, sharing is caring after all...

Becca x


  1. How amazing are the Walrus biscuits? Don't think I could ever eat them xx

  2. Great links, thank you! I especially love the look of those blondies, mmmm drool.

  3. Oooooh baking! I love baking but I'm so lazy haha x

  4. Those walrus biscuits are amazing! I love baking, but am rubbish at it. Bakeralla's another good one that I have a nosy at from time to time ( xx

  5. Thanks for the biscuit website! I'll be checking it out round Halloween coz I've been toying with the idea of baking biscuits this year :)

  6. I'm in need of good icing tips! I did a whole class on cupcake making and decorating but my icing never turns out! Thanks for sharing Becca xoxox

  7. ahhh fooood p0rn... amazingness. the walrus biscuits are bloody amazing. BYE.XXX

  8. Aww those look deliciously awesome! *mouth waters*


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