Sunday, 14 October 2012

I Hate Subwoofers


I'm haunted by subwoofers, not in a literal sense that everywhere I turn a crowd of subwoofers appear, but when I was a fresher at university the guy above me played his music non stop, second year I had a house that was mad keen on karaoke, third year I lived in a new build with walls as thin as paper and our next door neighbour had a penchant for loud music in the morning.

Last night someone was throwing a party, and low and behold all I could hear was their [swearword] subwoofer. I woke up at 2am then couldn't get back to sleep until around 3.30, livid is not the word. I can handle it going on to 2am, but 3.30 is taking the piss. I woke Lee up but he managed to fall back to sleep. In a weird way his breathing calms me down, knowing that at least one of us is sleeping well is a strange comfort.

I kept having weird half dreams, one about cheese, another about my mum and I going out. I tried to think of relaxing images like the Lake District and being at home, but the more I tried to force sleep, the more it evaded me. In the end I stopped panicking and I fell asleep. Woken up at 8.20 by Lee's alarm. Luckily I went back to sleep until midday. 

I'm now watching Sex and the City. Here's to a lazy Sunday and lots and lots of Carrie.


  1. This sounds rubbish! It reminds me of when my uni days when the people next door thought it would be funny to do karaoke in (made-up) foreign languages, which it was at first I guess, but after hearing a good 4.5 hours of it through my bedroom wall, and at least 3 renditions of Aqua's Barbie Girl in a weird fusion of made-up German/French, I almost lost my shit. Hope you're having a wonderfully relaxing Sunday to compensate! :)

    1. Oh ma gaawwd that sounds horrendous 4.5 hours is mental! It makes me stressed like nothing else can! xxx

  2. Oh that is SO awful and annoying. We are having the same issue actually, there are a group of kids who are renting out the apartment two doors over from ours and they throw parties all the time - usually during the week work days which makes it even worse. The other night they kept me up from 4-6 and at 6 I have to get up anyways for work, I seriously nearly had a flip out.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Oh I SO feel your pain! I have banged on several neighbours doors at ungodly times to complain about ridiculous music. Inconsiderate!!

  4. I can't stand it either!!! When I lived at home, the next door neighbours would have parties until ridiculous times in the morning!! SO ANNOYING.

    Were you tempted to cut the plug? ;)At least you slept til midday! xxxx

  5. Boo I feel your pain, my neighbour is a total weirdo and keeps really odd hours- comes in at midnight, cooks around 1am etc. and plays really loud guitar music. We've tried knocking on his door to tell him but he never answers. Grr. at least you had a nice lie in! xxx

  6. Hehe, my neighbour has a thing for singing opera (badly) and sex (not sure whether that's bad but its certainly cringeworthy.

    Hats off to you for feeling comforted by Lee's breathing/sleeping, I'm the opposite If I'm not sleeping no one is! :) xx

  7. Ahh no, nothing worse when you're trying to sleep! Hope you managed to get some peace in the end and enjoyed SATC! :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  8. Ahh that's so annoying. Noisy neighbours are a pain and strange dreams are even worse. Someone once told me to eat lettuce sandwiches before bed to make sure your dreams weren't odd... might be worth a try?

    Hope you enjoyed SATC xx

  9. I feel you. That deep bass sound drives me CRAZY when I'm trying to sleep. I got so irrationally angry! Haha. Sorry that you had to deal with that. x

  10. I know exactly how this feels, last year our neighbours loved playing their music extremely loud all day and all night as well and kicking and banging on the walls, my boyfriend slept through it all most of the time but unlike you it annoyed me more that he could sleep through it and I couldn't! I barely got any sleep for the whole year! xxx

  11. That would be (swear word) annoying! Fridays are my sex and the city night and Saturdays are when I sleep in until midday. There's nothing better than a good sleep in - but not due to being kept up all night!

  12. hahah hopefully those evil subwoofers disappear!! hahaha... i hate it when i have trouble sleeping... perhaps you should invest in high-quality earplugs =P



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