Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I'm Now a Wise Person

[via Pinterest]
I'm one of those people that needs a good saying to live by, at my worst I've had my phone background as a "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." I still think that it is one of the best, so few words can mean so much.

I was sat on the sofa the other day, worrying about things and trying to call up all my favourite sayings to help, when my very own hit me. I was really excited, I was finally a wise person. I've always tried to be wise and positive. No one else was home so I had to contain all this excitement and write it down on my phone.

My flatmate came back and started making dinner and he was asking me about whether or not to go out that night and I thought JACKPOT, I can throw my new saying in here. 

Him: Hmmm I'm tired, I just don't know if I have time to go out
Me: Don't live with "what ifs?" but with "why nots?"
Him: What?

Sunk like a lead balloon.

I still think it is brilliant, and copyrighted by me. I've not checked on Google to see if it has been said before, but please don't burst my bubble guys.


  1. I won't burst your bubble; I've never heard it before! But I feel like I should have. Great words of wisdom :D xxx

  2. Haha, it definitely sounds v wise- try it on some others?

  3. Sounds great! Wish I could come up with clever wise sayings...

  4. You deffo need to type that up over an attractive background and get it on pintrest!

  5. Very wise words indeed! And not something I've heard before either - I agree with Catherine - you should post it on Pinterest and make your words famous! :-)



  6. I love it and think you should get it tattooed somewhere. ;) X

  7. I love it haha :)
    My friend told me the other day "leave the pieces on the floor and back the hell away". She made it up but it summed my situation up perfectly! Xx


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