Thursday, 22 November 2012

London Grumblr

I love it when I get a work email and it contains a hilarious link. I then spend hours giggling to myself, reading through all previous posts and sending it on to as many people as possible, and today you guys are in for a treat.

My colleague has sent me what I consider to be a cracking Tumblr account, the gems you find in amongst all the weird fangirl ones and scenes from their favourite TV shows. Although the name suggests you have to be in London, I believe its appeal is universal. CHECK IT OUT. 


  1. love this on so many levels :) x

  2. OK this tumblr is hilarious! :D xx

  3. Ha, this is amazing! totally feeling the university related post ATM!! I have started a new blog if you fancy a read!! xxx

  4. Yes to all of the above! This tumblr is brill. Also - people in supermarkets who stop dead with their trolleys (I do all mine online now so that I don't scare Neil any more with my trolley rage face).


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