Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Blog Inspiration

You know what ladies (you're predominantly women bloggers here), I know some of us have been getting a bit worked up about what being a blogger means; the "rules" people impose, the audience you need to be "successful" and the excellent photos we need to include to entice others to read our crappy thoughts.

BUT HOLD ON. Holly at Vanilla Glitter sent me this and it reminded me what blogging is really about. Not how many people follow you, but the meaningful impact of your words.

Go forth, post like you've never posted before and MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY


  1. Pep talk ahoy, so trueeeeee! Definitely little mentions like this that make you remember why you started blogging and what a lovely community it is (: xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You are inspirational - I removed my last comment because I did a little swear and then thought OOPSY INAPPROPRIATE

  3. oooh check you out, inspiring Holly's dissertation topic! Hang on a sec, you might need taking down a peg or two by your fellow bloggers, because y'know we wouldn't want you getting to big for your (stylish) boots now.
    I didn't realise you were a nut allergy person! I am sure we can find something that won't endanger you! Yes we should meet soon :) xxx

  4. Thank you for this post Becca, you've put a big smile on my face :D It's meeting lovely bloggy ladies like yourself that make blogging so amazing for me :) I've learnt a lot of wisdom from reading your blog ;)
    Love Holly x
    p.s. thank you for the lovely comment you left on my post and for following my new blog <3 <3

  5. This is amazing!! You should be pretty pleased with yourself :) Things like this make it aaaall worthwhile! :) xx


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