Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Culture Corner: Lichtenstien at the Tate Modern

Some of you may know, but many of you won’t; I did Art for GCSE. This doesn’t mean I’m the cool arty type who sketches in their spare time – far from it, all I can doodle is flowers. I did it because we had to choose between Technology, Art of Music and I initially chose Music but due to timetable clashes I had to duck out and take Art instead. 

Anyway, long story short, after 2 years of being told I couldn’t draw, paint or sculpt I did one of my final projects on the easiest artist I could find to copy and that happened to be Lichtenstein (what an accolade!). Since then I’ve had a love for his work, not in a real art student way, I just thought it was freaking cool, so when I heard a retrospective was coming to Tate I had to get me some tickets! 

I went last weekend and it was worth every penny of the £14 ticket I bought. I learnt so much, wandered around next to huge works of art composed of lines, dots and bold colours and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I didn’t realise Lichtenstien was so prolific and painted well into the 90s, the variety in his work was astounding. We weren’t allowed to take any photographs but I bought some postcards and mugs to remind myself of the day. 

Visually stunning, interesting and far larger than you think it will be the exhibition is definitely worth a visit 10/10!


  1. Oooh er, I'm in Landan next week.. may have to give this a go xx

  2. ooh I like the mugs you've brought back! I'm not really into Pop art to be honest.. I'm a bit traditional with the art I like!xx


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