Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My Housemate Tries To Live on £1 A Day

My housemate is a bit crazy, he recently became really attached to a BBC article detailing how you can live healthily for £1 a day. He mentioned it 3 times in one day, that's how serious he was about it. Full of inspiration and a true desire to live on £1 a day, he rushed out to Sainsburys to stock up.

He failed. Failed spectacularly. Which caused me tons of amusement but him a whole heap of frustration. He came back with 4 packets of chicken - two diced and two filleted and not much else. I told him perhaps he should have done a meal plan, he's just spent £10 on meat, meaning it will have to last 10 days with nothing else... The fact that he didn't do a meal plan blew my tiny mind. But hey ho. 

Day 1

Panic sets in. It's Sunday dinner time and he realises that 4 packets of chicken was a bad buy, what can he do with 4 packets of chicken? Especially as he had nothing in the cupboards to go with it. The first panic arrives in the form of "I will just have to make it not apply on the weekends!", followed by slowly listing everything in his cupboard desperately trying to make a meal: 

"cous cous, bread, pasta, peas?"
* I giggle*
 "A pasta bake? Nah I don't have time for that" 
*I burst out laughing*

He settles on pasta with peas, mushrooms and tomatoes. Between us we estimate it must be under £1, until Lee points out he ate at 90p baguette earlier that day...

Day 2

I get an email at work:

I had 2 ham sandwiches for lunch (circa 80p). I was sat in an awesome canteen, surrounded by people with dauphinoise potatoes and roasted lamb, with 2 sandwich bags and a free water. I didn't know what to think, I don't think they did either. The looks I got were a mixture of disgust and begrudging respect. Game-changer.

I laugh at my desk and obviously forward onto Lee. Things aren't looking good for housemate. 80p already spent at lunch?! What is for dinner? 


More failure. He goes to Waitrose (not the obvious choice for budget buys) and buys a pack of stuffed pasta for £1.20. Boils this up while informing me that he has upped the budget to £2 a day, £1 is unrealistic... 

I'll update you all soon. He has frozen some chicken which is a big step, I'm not sure what he has had for lunch or breakfast today, he never makes enough meal to last two days. 

Thank you all for your responses on Twitter too! Although it may fall on deaf ears... 


  1. This made me laugh. A lot!! :) xxx

  2. Haha, this literally made me laugh so much. £1 a day?! I don't think I could do that!

    1. I definitely couldn't do it, especially as a chocolate bar is like 50p! xxx

  3. haah oh dear. Maybe your housemate should start again after doing a meal plan?! £1 a day still seems crazy though! But amusing for you ;) xx

    1. Nothing makes me happier than laughing at him. He doesn't even mind which I am quite glad about! xx

  4. This is hilarious, I can't wait for the next instalment! xx

  5. i applaud him for giving it a go, though I don't think I would be successful :/ xx

  6. £1 a day does seem a bit extreme. I lived off of £20 a week for some time whilst at uni and that was a challenge!

  7. I love this! Some people tried this while I was at uni. They ended up lasting about 3 days and were all convinced they'd developed scurvy from living off 19p noodles and dry cornflakes... x

  8. Pretty cool that your flatmate tried it, even if it didn't work out. Sometimes when my paycheck runs out earlier than planned I have to live off about £20 a week for food, and that's really difficult! I can imagine £1 being nearly impossible.

  9. Hahaha this is brilliant! Silly boy. I always think that girls are better at budgeting anyway... xx

  10. He is a funny guy.. I hope he gets better at this stuff before he ends up running out of money haha x

  11. I would totally fail at this, but I'd be willing to try so I can buy more shoes. Geez, sometimes I fit female stereotypes and then the feminist side of me gets angry. Whateeevver...

    10 dollars on chicken is a pretty instant failure. I give him claps for effort.


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