Friday, 10 May 2013

Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition

After work three of us went to visit the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House. At work I look after the social media side of a photography competition and get to see a lot of the entries, so it was a great exercise in comparison.

The photos were - as you'd expect - amazing. There were so many different categories, my favourites being sport, enhanced and split-second. There was a whole room dedicated to Andrea Gjestvang who photographed the survivors of the Norway bombings in 2011 which gave all of us goosebumps.

It isn't something I'd normally do on a Thursday after work, but it made a nice change and I should really make the effort to get out and do more of these kinds of things.

The exhibition is only on until the 12th and costs £7.50 so hurry if you want to see it!


  1. What is this madness? There is a place that looks like that in England? I am so sheltered. this exhibition looks cool, I really like the funky chicken on the left x

  2. ooh that chicken is quite scary. this does look interesting, I always love going to portrait/photography award exhibitions xx

  3. Wow this sounds incredible! It is so easy not to do these things, I am definitely making an effort to do more things like this in the week! xx

  4. I love those kinds of exhibits! If I wasn't the other side of the world I'd definitely be going!

  5. Beautiful photos! Love the pink chicken!


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