Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lunchtime in the City #2

I've genuinely got a bit of sunburn on my arm from sitting out here at lunch with my friend Elle, it is such a sun trap.

In the same area as Postman's Park is Christ Church Greyfriars which was initially destroyed in the Great Fire of London and rebuilt to Christopher Wren's designs. A bit of history never hurt anyone eh? There are beautiful flowers are gardens which create a nice juxtaposition to the modern office blocks and look at St Paul's peeking over the top in the bottom photo!

I'm fully aware that at the moment my blog has become some sick London love in, and trust me my life really isn't so glam; I'm about to eat a dinner comprising of hash browns and beans while painting my nails and watching a crap film on Netflix in my pyjamas.


  1. I'm absolutely loving your London lunch time related posts. I adore London but of course only ever visit as a tourist so love seeing it from the perspective of someone who lives and works there :) This looks like a lovely place to have lunch xx

  2. Beautiful pictures :) looks really lovely!
    Your evening sounds pretty brilliant (although probably less photo-worthy than your little adventures!)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  3. Your lunchtime is surely better than my lunch time. We don't really have much flowers in my city. My boyfriend did find a bowl of chips on a city bench (weird????).

  4. I've caught the sun a bit this week just from my lunchbreaks- it's LOVELY! This is such a beautiful lunch spot though- mine is lovely, but nowhere near as pretty as this! xx


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