Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mundane Midweek

Mundane Midweek is back on my blog in a big way, I find these posts important as it stops me filtering out all those crap details of my life in a post. My life really isn't a glossy blog, crammed full of food, alcohol and rip roaring fun...

Anyway, yesterday was one of those days where you have so much to do that it feels like your brain only has the capacity to hold 10 items, and if you add another, one will be nudged out, lost forever until someone emails you asking for it (happened twice to me yesterday).

I sat at a different desk today from 11am because I'm running the comms for a photography competition we do annually and it made sense for me to sit with the marketing contact. I also normally sit in a corner seat which I find can make me feel a bit squashed in. I spent the whole day just working on that and ticking off a good few items on my 'to do' spreadsheet.

Lunch was a Boots meal deal - I had an Eat falafel salad on Monday and I'm fairly convinced I was allergic to it so for the rest of the week I've opted for the safety of a Boots lunch. Elle, Babs and I ate outside in a courtyard you can see photos of here while discussing holidays - I'm never going be able to afford one waaa!

The highlight of my day was either the truffle chocolate I ate, or the lemon water I made using one of Elle's lemons. I'll probably have to get back to you on that one, it's a real toughie...


  1. I loveeee reading everyone's Mundane Midweek posts, they sum up life quite perfectly. I also now have a craving for lemon water thanks to that reminder, I used to think I was so clever making it and being all sophisticated, when really the from a bottle lemon juice I used tasted quite disgusting...xx

  2. Your busy day sounds like my week, my week was so busy I kept feeling like I was forgetting things at the instant I was adding a new task. I had to make a list on my phone just to keep track. I am such a scatterbrain.
    I am a tad jealous of the truffle chocolate, that sounds dang tasty.... =P


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