Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Where Were You When George Was Born

I've been hit by baby fever, I wasn't particularly interested when Kate was pregnant but this birth has stirred feelings in me I've not felt since the wedding.

I described it to Lee as 'our friend is in labour right now!' To which he scoffed and gave me the usual who the fuck am I going out with?! look. We were having date night in a bar I've been wanting to try out for ages and I'd been in desperate need of a large wine since the combination of a shit day at work hit with my hormones to create an 'on the verge of crying or stomping' monster. To top it all off we had to meet to work out our finances as we have come to the year of our renting contract soon and we have to ensure we can still afford it. It was just terrible.

I asked Rachael, Eleanor and Charlotte to keep an eye out and screen shot me the baby when he was brought out of the hospital and Rachael freaking nailed it with a great shot of them at the hospital entrance! The previously mentioned monster inside me came out and I welled up. Lee was disinterested, and said it was just a baby. I tried my 'it's our friend' tactic again but it failed.

In short, I'm really excited and I'm glad she wore a dress showing her bump, as I don't think people realise that shit doesn't just snap back. I'm also sickened by OK magazine's feature on 'Kate's baby weight loss plan' which I saw in Sainsburys yesterday. And bravo Katy Hill for this rant!

Thanks to Charlotte for linking to me and making me get off my arse and start blogging again!


  1. haha, 'our friend' - I was balling my eyes out - I don't even like babies!

    1. oh and that gif just made me do a crazy little snort at my desk

  2. Yay! I'm glad you're blogging again :) love that GIF!! I'm really glad she wore that dress too, she looked amazing! xx

  3. I'm so pleased Our Friend brightened up your shit day :) xx


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