Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Level Results: Good Or Bad - Just Keep Going

Now, I don't know how old all of you are (if I did that would be mega creepy), but there must be a few of you out there getting your A Level results.

When mine came out (a big five years ago) I was super excited; school was something I was pretty good at, and I had a clear goal: get to Warwick University. From the moment I set foot on that concrete jungle during a sunny spring Open Day I knew it was where I wanted to be. I worked hard through sixth form to get there, and to prove my form tutor wrong when she told me that perhaps I should aim lower, my history teacher when he reminded me only two people from my school had got in in the previous intake. I say BALLS TO THAT.

I truly believe that life will throw things at you, bad or good, and it is how you deal with these that will change your life. If you haven't got into your first choice university, or haven't got the grades you wanted don't stress, exams are testing you on what you can remember in one short hour of your life. University isn't for everyone, by third year I was done, I wished I had gotten a job, saved money and worked out what I wanted to do in my career. Society places too much emphasis on a university education and if it isn't for you, then don't force it.

If you have got in, then a big congratulations to you, these three years will go a long way to shaping who you are. You'll make some of the best friends of your life, you'll work out your drinking tolerance through trial and error and you'll be sick of the sight of the library.

Five years ago I was a small village girl from the south coast, I went to Warwick met a guy I thought was a bit shy and chavvy and we now live together in London. Whether you've got the results you've wanted or not, don't give up over these next few years, they'll be tough and they'll be amazing, just learn and treasure all you can.


  1. Hear hear! My uni experience wasn't the best ever to be honest, but I also met a guy who was a bit annoying and thought he was too cool for school, but I soon but him in his place and we lived happily ever after xx (BYE)

  2. Totally agree with you. Despite my family attempting to push me, I didnt bother with uni and I'm glad I didnt! xxx

  3. I loved my time at uni- for me it was the best choice I could have made, despite the course not always being what I wanted it to be, the overall experience and learning curve of growing up and learning to push yourself and gain independence (plus meeting some of the best people in the world!) was definitely worth it. That said, I know a lot of people who felt pushed to go to university as 'everybody' was doing the same and they absolutely hated it. Particularly with fees being so expensive now, I think people really need to think long and hard about whether uni is what's actually going to be right for them.
    Kaz x


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