Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sharknado was Awesome (Spoiler)

Last night I watched Sharknado on SyFy HD (very important it was in HD, these kind of graphics deserve the best quality possible), and it was quite possibly the best hour and a half of my life.

If you go on IMDB the film gets 3.7 stars, which is if anything, a bit too generous. The dialogue, production value and acting were all atrocious but that's the point of a made for TV movie isn't it? The powerful combination of shark and tornado were setting this film up for great things, regardless of anything else. My favourite parts included sharks in the street, sharks in the hall, sharks in the swimming pool and a shark being sawn in half. I also learnt some very very valuable lessons:

1. Sharks can breathe air for an extensed period of time, to stay up in the tornado it is pretty essential
2 .If a shark so much as sees you, it will try to f**king kill you
3. Nothing brings a family back together like a united front against a sharknado

The end of the film sees two of the heros get eaten, but not for long, because the second one to enter the shark is luckily equipped with a chainsaw and manages to cut his way out of the shark's belly, whilst dragging the other swallowed lady out with him. Despite her being swallowed about ten minutes previous, and the fact that he would need a hell of a lot of room to use that chainsaw... So I guess I learnt the humble chainsaw is the most effective shark killing weapon.

To be fair to them, in the scheme of things that wasn't the biggest problem in the film.

I mainly just wanted to share some photos from the film with you. I'd say that watching is a necessity, as you never know when sharks will rain from the sky. And on that day, I'll be prepared.


  1. This looks amazing. I love late night films on SyFy.. I remember seeing one which was Mongolian Death Worms, equally fab and lolz guaranteed. xx

  2. PS: I hear there is one called "Dinoshark", sounds right up your street..

  3. hahaha sounds like a great film! at least you are now prepared if you ever need to battle with a shark!

  4. There are no words for how much I love this post


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