Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Weekend Scrapbook

Another weekend, another walk. I had learnt my lesson from my previous flip flop disaster and teamed my jeans with my funky trainers. It pains me to say it but my feet actually ached more in them, this may be because the terrain was more hilly and rugged, or my trainers are just a bit crap, I don't like to admit it due to all the fuss I made. Lee, being as cool (read: stubborn) as always decided flip flops were still a viable footwear option. Luckily for my internal smug-ometer there were frequent muddy patches, at which I turned around and gloated "bet you wish you had trainers now mwahahah".

The walk this time was a mere 8 miles around Surrey and Kent, I was able to whip out some impressive oast house knowledge thanks to my nan living in one, and wow the crowd (the exact same group as last time). We had lunch in Churchill's countryside house, Chartwell, where we were greeted by some very friendly ducks which scared Lee a little bit. I was convinced they chose us because they knew that ducks are high up there in my favourite animals, and I still believe I hold a special power over animals. However it was pointed out to me that they probably came waddling over because of the sandwiches we were eating...

After that we went for a meal out and drinks for Chris' birthday, I had prawns to start and chicken for main. I also realised I had prawns three meals in a row when I was eating my prawn sandwich for lunch on Sunday. Then I felt a bit sick.



  1. These pictures are so beautiful!

  2. I don't blame you on the prawn overload - I can't get enough of smoked salmon at the moment!


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