Friday, 27 September 2013

My Online Break

Sometimes you just need a break from being online and connected all the time. These past few weeks I've taken a step back from social media and my laptop in an effort to chill myself out from the pressures of work, living at home and trying to be the best girlfriend in the world.

I took a break almost unconsciously, as I was stressed by work and had little inclination to open up my laptop when I got home, preferring to sit and knit my scarf and watch Breaking Bad instead. However, as these things often do, they've all worked out for the better with the help of some chats, a smile and patience. I think it is important to remember this kind of stress is cyclical and it will leave as soon as it arrived. I've also been using the Calm app I found recommended on Nicola's blog, just taking a few moments to not worry about the past or the future worked wonders for me. Being grounded in the present helped me clear my mind and allow the thousands of manic thoughts to pass.

On the positive side Lee got a new job! He joins me in working in London and I took great pleasure on Tuesday on walking to meet him for a cheeky Pret after work. I'm really happy and it makes me feel like we are a grown up couple now - hopefully this is just the beginning.

I've even agreed to live in our flat for another year and although it is lovely, I'm not keen on the location or being in a block of flats with loads of people around us. If I could just pick it up and dump it further from the high street I'd be happy! Hearing people shouting after a good night out isn't what I want to hear when I'm not the one having fun...

Anyway, with my brain back in the right place and motivated by a writing course we had at work, I'm all ready to go. And of course I have been working on a couple of Bec vs Pinterest pieces while away which I'm keen to show off and have been working my way through Catch 22 which will be reviewed soon!

Hope you're all well!


  1. Happy to see you're back in the blogging world. You're definitely right, sometimes you just need to break, and I'm glad you're feeling better because of it.

  2. Glad you're back! Looking forward to some more Bec vs Pinterest :) x

  3. Welcome back to the Internet! we all need a break from time to time..otherwise we'd go mad! I'm tempted to drop everything and go to south america for a couple of months.. x

  4. Sounds like a little break was the best thing to do - glad to hear it's helped! I'm terms of the flat situ, I'v just agreed to the opposite, swapping the bustling life of Brixton for something altogether quieter...can't say I'm looking forward to it. Yay for more became vs interest! X

  5. Yay you're back and you're feeling more calm and happy and yay for Lee too, excellent news all round. I always take breaks from mine without even thinking about it, I prefer it that way and then there's no pressure to come up with something to write about all the time. Getting on this Breaking Bad crack asap, how many post comments to each other do you think we can mention Breaking Bad on? I reckon quite a lot xx


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