Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bec vs Pinterest: Fuzzy Lamb

A special edition of Bec vs Pinterest today! I knitted this little lamb for my pregnant colleague and I have just learned she gave birth to a little girl earlier this week, so a huge congratulations to her! She has been a great help in setting me up in my career and giving me invaluable life/work advice. She is an oracle of wisdom and just an all round great person so obviously a knitted lamb was the only way to express my gratitude and best wishes...

I haven't done a post in a while because I thought I could easily whack this out in a week, alas it took me over two due to real life getting in the way. You can see my stuffing job isn't nearly as good as the one below (sorry for tiny picture - there wasn't a bigger one) and I didn't use the fuzzy wool as I couldn't see any in the shop. ENOUGH EXCUSES. I think he is rather charming, and definitely has that home-made look to add to his charms. I always have a problem with sewing limbs on, as I'm too impatient to plan where to put them and just sew them on pretty blindly, his legs were a little bit too central, hence his sitting down!

I must admit I had previously made this pattern, once for my sister and for my pal, but it didn't get any easier as that was at least 2 years ago. 

The pattern can be found here

You can find me on Pinterest here


  1. aww what a cute little thing! As someone who can barely knit, I remain impressed. xx

  2. he's pretty cute - i'm sure the baby girl will love it! x

  3. Aww your lamb is adorable!! I'm currently trying to knit a giraffe for someone I know who's having a baby. The problem is that the instructions I have are for a crochet version, so I'm kinda making it up. Fingers and knitting needles crossed! XxxX

  4. OH SO CUTE!! You are seriously good at this whole knitting thing. I have noooo idea what to do with needles and wool. You clever bean you! xx

  5. That's so impressive, I can't make anything like that - well done!


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