Friday, 18 October 2013

The spending sweats

I'm not a spendaholic, in fact I part with my money very begrudgingly. The only exception to the rule is with food and alchol. I really don't like skimping on those as they give me far more enjoyment than a top or dress will.

The problem is that I get bored of a purchase after one use. The new dress gets worn on a night out and I'm totally over it. I wear my new bag and find fault with it after one outing.

 I recently needed to invest in new shoes. I put it off as much as possible, to the point that the heels in my boot had split and I'd had my flats for a good 3 years. I had visited 10 different stores and tried and failed to find the perfect pair (the exact replica of the ones I already owned). I was getting demoralised.

I finally found the shoes I had been looking for and felt so overjoyed I picked up a second, different pair of flats for good measure. When I got to the counter my brain started freaking out that I was going too crazy, spending way too much, my current pair have a good couple or months left in them yet, right?

I absolutely hate standing in queues in shops. Having all that time to mull over my soon-to-be purchases. I was getting so worried about parting with my hard earned cash that I actually broke out into a sweat. A sweat. From shopping! Get a grip. This is definitely a new low for me. Does anyone else hate parting with their cash? Please don't say I'm the only one who has had a mini-sweat!


  1. No, I'm totally the opposite, I spend spend spend and then think afterwards: wtf have I bought another one of those for?!
    Don't get me wrong, I don't have a credit card and I've never had an overdraft, so it's not like I'm some crazy, out of control spendaholic, but I do sometimes think I should save more.

  2. The secret, my dear, is online shopping! No queues and less thinking ;) xx

  3. I do spend quite a bit on clothes but I do get the sweats!! Especially in the queue, mulling over the purchases and feeling really guilty (I have my mum to blame for that, she always makes me feel guilty for shopping!) x

  4. I spend far too much when I'm out shopping but I understand what you feel. Whenever I try and buy something other than books I panic that it will look horrible or it will be too small so I just buy things that I will not have this problem with!x

  5. I'm with you completely! I tend to find something perfect then just keep replacing it. I just replace my Dorothy Perkins jeggings when they get holey and I've bought the same souchy Barratts boots three times over the last few years (varying between grey and brown to keep things fresh) and I had a little panic when I went to buy them this year and could only see size 3s in the sale section, suggesting that they aren't coming back. Why stress out finding something new when you know your old stuff looks good? xx

  6. Hellllll yeah, I hate spending. There's nothing better then having to buy something you really really need and getting the best deal ever on it. I'm the same with food too, can go into a supermarket and not think about what I'm buying or feel even remotely guilty about spending £20 on 3 items but as soon as its anything else I get the sweats! x

  7. I have to take a friend with me for the exact reasons you mentioned and I always drop half of my items between the beginning of the queue and the till. My amazon basket has things in it that I've needed for 8 months but can't find the confidence to just buy them.

    I've justified it by telling people I'm a minimalist who doesn't believe in the consumerist nature of today's society, makes me feel educated as opposed to a little crazy.

  8. sadly I'm the complete opposite. I get this almost euphoric feeling when I purchase something new and I get the feeling again when I wear said new item for the first time. Oddly enough, I don't get this feeling when buying online, only in actual shops. I think my bank balance would look a little healthier if I got the sweats though! x


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