Friday, 8 November 2013

An open letter to FIFA 14


I've politely put up with FIFA games for 5 whilst being with Lee. Him playing at university was fine as there were other people I could talk to when all the boys crowded around the sofa. When we lived apart I didn't have to see any of it. However, now that I live with two boys I have reached breaking point with the stupid game.

I have several reasons for my dislike:

  • Their moods alter after winning or losing. I can feel it in the air, the heavy sadness and frustration of losing a league game or the light happiness of a cheeky win.
  • I can't speak to either of them when a game is being played. I love talking so this is particularly hard. I often get a very delayed response or none at all. 
  • I've subliminally learnt the names of footballers and teams. This isn't on. 
  • I get told it will be a quick 12 minute game. In reality it is 20 due to all the messing around with formations and other crap.

What I'd really like is FIFA to stop bringing out a game every year. Poor boys are being brainwashed into thinking that this year's game is worth spending £45 on because of the updated teams, the more realistic moves and better manager mode. Do us a favour FIFA, have a year break. Allow me to watch the gloss fade from your game and regain my boyfriend. Then when you release your all new game there can be genuine excitement.

Becca, FIFA widow of 5 years.


  1. I have pretty much resigned myself to loneliness or having to chat with James' parents when we go round to his families house for a weekend because he will be playing FIFA, Madden, and whatever the basketball one is called with his brothers...and now, now for the American Football one you can get a headset and play with people who aren't in the same house as you!

    I agree with all aspects of your open letter, and feel your pain.

  2. when I lived with two boys FIFA - more than any other game - used to irritate the hell out of me. I will watch a football match but FIFA ISN'T REAL! Thankfully when mitch and I moved into our own place FIFA didn't come to. His fave games have actual story lines which are actually quite fun to watch. x
    p.s that pic is hilarious

  3. Haha that picture made me giggle!
    I feel your pain, my boyfriend doesn't play fifa but plays some other games and trying to speak to him whilst he plays is like getting blood from a stone! xx

  4. lol that picture has so much going on. I live with four guys, most of whom are semi addicted to GTA5 at the moment. They get that glazed look in their eyes and sort of grunt every now and again when spoken to. Then again I'm exactly the same when I play candy crush or read my latest book. (we all have our vices :p )

  5. Oh god I do feel sorry for you! Boys can become obsessed with these games and have the outcome determine their mood. At least means you can spend more time blogging or online shopping and he won't moan! I hope FIFA answer your plea and you get your man back. Fingers crossed! XxxX


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