Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas is Coming!

Ho ho ho! And so begins my second Christmas in London. Lee has enforced a "no Christmas songs or movies" ban on me until the first of December. I've already listened to Michael Buble's Christmas album several times at work and visited the Christmas Shop in London Bridge earlier this week.

A couple of weekends ago we hit up Oxford Street to browse the Christmas jumper selections and of course to visit the Selfridges festive floor. I've only been to Selfridges once before and that was last year to visit the Christmas shop, it always makes me so excited to be in such a big store. Anyway, the festive floor was everything I wanted with decorations, gifts, horrible electronic furbys and carols playing. There was even some weird tiny mini car for sale, I couldn't decide if it was for kids or people who love mini cars.

The window displays on Oxford Street are amazing, John Lewis has an especially amazing and are animals made from household items (sorry for the crap photo above). It is almost worth braving the bustle of the streets just to see the displays, and of course the lights.

The countdown is on. I've got my advent calendar (a non-chocolate one to everyone's horror) at the ready and the Yankee Candles are all ready to go! Is anyone else as excited as me?


  1. I@m not that excited yet - I'm not a big fan of Christmas, if I'm honest, but this year I do seem to have started thinking about it earlier.

  2. Everything looks so cute and festive! I'm not feeling very excited yet, but I have plans for Christmas markets tomorrow and next weekend so i'm sure I'll be feeling festive soon! :) xx

  3. Yup, I'm excited - started this weekend and I listened to my first christmas song today :) Might take a day off work to do some xmas shopping and check out selfridges while I'm at it. That snow globe is so cool x


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