Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mundane Midweek

Oh Mundane Midweek, you're back! I'm always up for these links up as it gives me great pleasure to see that not all of you are having way more fun than me. I like the internet but I'm seriously not interesting enough for it. My highlight of last weekend was rediscovering my love for Sims 3...

Yesterday I was thoroughly mundane. I know it is a bad day when I bring in a packed lunch - I had leftover leek & potato soup. After work I walked over to Lee and met him at Tower Bridge, we'd planned this trip in the morning as I've never walked the whole way across. It was bloody freezing, but as we were there we just went for it. At night the lights of London look amazing; especially for a small town girl like me where everything closes at 5.

After freezing our tits off we went home and made a cottage pie. For the rest of the evening Lee watched football (which I was pissed about because I'm a Celebrity was cancelled) and I played Sims 3. We should all take a moment to appreciate the dramatic weight loss journey my aspiring chef woman has taken.


  1. ✿But nice pictures! ✿
    Great blog! ☑
    ✿ We are observe? Let me know and show up for me - and I'll observe the same thing! :) ✿

  2. I'm not sure what the person above is observing?
    Anywho that is fairly mundane, although a walk across Tower Bridge is always nice. I think my Tuesday was the most mundane day- cook dinner, wash up, watch Masterchef and gaze adoringly at Michel Roux Jr. x

  3. Pretty mundane happenings in these parts as well! But I'm pretty happy with the mundane, I can't seem to handle interesting without making very DRAMATIC and STRESSED out, which makes the interesting not so much fun.


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