Monday, 6 January 2014

Here's to 2014...

With the New Year comes the inevitable deluge of "New Year, New Me" promises. I gave up on annual resolutions a long while back, probably about my third year into a failed "I won't bite my nails" January. 2013 was a calm year for me, one of little change, giving me more time to reflect on myself and the person I want to be. It saw me dabble in meditation, try thousands of super foods I didn't know existed and reshuffle my friendship groups to cut back on those Negative Nancys that were bringing me down.

I'm hoping 2014 will bring much of the same; I'm going to try yoga this week with my fitness fanatic work colleague, I'm going to write a steady journal and ask myself "how did I improve myself today" (if you want one which does exactly that, buy mine here) and I'm going to push myself to appreciate my body and not just use it as a dumping ground for food cravings and tea.

For Christmas I got myself a nice Nikon DSLR so I'm hoping I will be prompted to post more frequently, however this weather seems to have ruined all of that for the moment. Hopefully you'll stick with me while I blog my way through 2014, and I'm hoping I'll have interesting things to say!


  1. Sounds like you're ready for 2014! Looking forward to seeing your pics on your fancy new camera x

  2. I'm really excited to keep up with your blog across the next year. Let me know how yoga goes, some friends and I were talking about it to. Also, I still haven't stopped bitting my nails ha! x

  3. Oh thank you Bekka! I'm still biting my nails too - so annoyed at myself! X

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment. Sounds your 2013 was an interesting one! Did you enjoy yoga?

    Ellie | mantrapixie | x

  5. Hello from a new reader. I'm excited to hear about your 2014 adventures! Happy New Year.


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