Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The City through my iPhone

I always try to fit in a walk at lunch time, without a break from my desk I'm sure I'd start to lose the plot. Even if I just walk around the block or down to the nearest tube station I take the time to stretch my legs and back and breathe in the fresh air.

I'm lucky in that I work on the outskirts of the City, so I get all the benefits of the architecture without the business of the narrow streets further in. Walking down to the The Royal Exchange and staring at all the glittering diamonds in Tiffany's is not something I ever imagined myself doing - especially as I never look the part of posh businesswoman with my flat shoes and a-bit-too-short dresses. I love finding little restaurants and eateries, although inevitably I'll end up in my standard haunts!

Finding beauty in the streets I walk everyday is something that never gets old.

What are the areas like where you work?


  1. It looks so beautiful where you work. I especially love the first photo.

    I work in a sort of "up and coming" part of Sydney. If you venture towards the harbour there are some gorgeous looking buildings...however my walk to and from work does not venture that way. There is a gorgeous park I walk through with a lovely "lake".

  2. i thinking getting out and about is so important, well for me anyway and as long as it is not raining.

    i love the royal exchange it is such a pretty building. i went to a do in there and it was amazing!

  3. Love the mix of old and New in the second one especially. My lunch time walk involves a saunter around leafy chiswick, not as cool as the city but it's nice in the summer x

  4. I do the same around my work too - but not so much in the winter when its horribly cold :(

    The houses around Sloane Sq are stunning!

    Really love your pictures!

  5. I work in a rural setting, which can be quite nice - lots of fields and scenery to be seen from my office window, with the occasional noise of pheasants being shot :/

  6. Fantastic pictures - I love the tones and brightness. I really miss working in the centre of London and just being able to pop out for fresh air at lunchtime. My school is close to the River Thames but I sadly never get out at lunchtime - it's just enough time to tidy the classroom and get ready for the afternoon cohort's arrival. I do miss quiet time to myself in the middle of a manic day! x


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