Thursday, 6 February 2014

Oh no! Now we're dancing!

This image has no relevance, I just miss home 

As I sit here with half a wine glass full of Baileys and The Supremes blaring out "You Can't Hurry Love" (my all time favourite song - I was single for a long time the whole time I was a teenager) I'm feeling more positive than I have all week.

I've been down in the dumps this week for no particular reason. Wednesday night I couldn't shake the restlessness of boredom but couldn't pinpoint what was wrong. I tried all my usual cures - writing, dancing, eating chocolate and watching TV. It appears that all it takes is a break from routine. I'm all for seeking comfort from routine and I bet many of you out there are as well, but sometimes it is a bit stifling.

I've gotten comfortable being part of the "Saturday Night In" club; even the thought of going out fills me with questions - WHERE? WHAT TIME? TRANSPORT? SHOES? MONEY? Far easier to sit in my onesie and watch Take Me Out. There is truth in having too much of a good thing. My routine got so predictable, particularly weekdays after work, that I desperately needed a change. So, grasping the moment I booked a flat viewing in Balham and got my shit together. On the back of this Lee suggested we get dinner and drinks in the area and I was more than happy to oblige.

Today I've felt much happier - I've booked another viewing for the weekend and instead of moping and feeling like a Negative Nancy all day I've tried to brush those feelings aside and replace them with a) chocolate b) tea of c) gossip.

I did manage to embarrass myself today in front of the whole department by accidentally engaging in the side-step-please-get-out -of-my-way dance with someone and it lasted so long I blurted out "oh no! Now we're dancing!" and people burst out laughing. My face was the reddest it has ever been when I dived into the nearest free desk I could find.

Nothing like being the team clown to lighten your mood...


  1. Let the baker see the buns! Oh Take Me Out...
    I hear you with the predictable routine thing. Going South of the River sounds like a great way to combat it though- Balham has some rather nice places to eat. xx

  2. i'm not so much fed up of the predictability so much as the fullness of my routine :(

  3. Glad you got yourself out of feeling like a negative nancy, its so hard sometimes to do it. But when you do, it definitely deserves a reward of some kind! x

  4. Aarrrgh awkward office dancing!!
    But so glad you had a little break from the norm and got your mojo back. It doesn't take too much does it?
    And You Can't Hurry Love is an INCREDIBLE can keep your wine glass of Bailey's though. Ick.
    M x Life Outside London

  5. There's nothing quite like a little change to your routine or trying something/going somewhere new to get you out of a slump. Saying that though, there's nothing wrong with a bit of Take Me Out either :) good luck with the flat hunting! X

  6. Ahhhh that last bit made me chuckle out loud. Kudos to you for stating what you were probably all thinking :) Hope you stay brave and positive. Lovely things are around the corner I'm sure of it :) xxxx


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