Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Birthday Food - Franco Manca in Balham

Last week saw me celebrate my birthday. I had almost completely forgotten it was coming up due to the stress of moving so I didn't have any big plans. I've only ever heard good things about Franco Manca pizza so I decided this is where she should celebrate.

You do have to queue, but we only queued for about 15 minutes and that was down to me being a birthday diva and requesting our own table and not wanting to share with others. They also have outside heaters and offer you drinks while you wait. Once inside the restaurant is compact but really lively with a great buzz and an open kitchen, I love watching pizzas being made, so I was more than happy.

The prices were exceptionally reasonable with our total meal (2x pizza, 1x cheesy garlic bread, 2x glass of wine and a beer) coming to only £29. We chose the chorizo pizza and took a gamble on  a tomato-less 'meat special' pizza which is in my photograph and was surprisingly delicious - I was very sceptical of a pizza missing such a vital ingredient!

A special shout out also goes to the staff, who when they found out it was my birthday, gave us a dessert on the house. We chose a combination of lemon and raspberry sorbet as I was so stuffed I couldn't face anything else and they also took the above photo of us (I do wish I had sat up straighter). They really were very good and attentive.

I would thoroughly recommend Franco Manca for a great night out with a few glasses of wine and a catch up with friends. The atmosphere is great, the food excellent and the price can't be argued with!


  1. I cannot believe I missed your birthday! Hope you had a good one! Also, that pizza looks absolutely delicious. Yummy! x

  2. Mm, I love a good pizza recommendation!
    Also, happy belated birthday :)

  3. Ohhhh a very happy belated birthday to you!! Looks like you had a lovely time, Franco Manca is definitely the best way to celebrate. That cheesy garlic bread looks good, I'll have to get that next time x

  4. happy birthday for last week! Sounds like the perfect birthday to me - pizza AND free dessert - excellent stuff :) x

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  6. (Had to repost my comment as I made a ridiculous spelling error haha!)

    Happy belated birthday! that food looks amazing!
    Hope you had a great day :D

  7. Oooh that looks yum and free desert? Win.
    Happy belated birthday lady, hope you set the moving stress aside long enough to enjoy it.
    M x Life Outside London

  8. Happy belated birthday lovely lady! I hope you had a lovely tine :) those pizzas look seriously yummy!
    Love Holly x


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