Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Weekend Scrapbook: Dorset

You might remember that a few months back my pals and I had a weekend in Dorset, well the gang reunited and did it all again, this time with better weather and ten times more sunburn.

On Saturday we hired bikes to cycle around the New Forest. We packed up our picnic and headed out on a 22 mile route which, apart from a couple of hills, was a really enjoyable way to spend the day especially taking the pub stop into consideration. My bike did break when we were about 20 minutes from the end, which could have only have happened to me, but the customer service was excellent and they drove up to us and gave me a new bike so we could continue. With aching legs and sore bums we headed back to have the mother of all BBQs and several bottles of wine.

On Sunday we slept in, had breakfast on the patio overlooking the beach and then headed down for a walk. After a disastrous search for fish and chips covering several miles, we eventually sourced some and enjoyed our last meal and the last of the sun. Subsequently I'm very sunburnt and definitely a few pounds heavier, but that's the price you pay for an excellent weekend!


  1. Next time you're here, let me know! ;) Xx

  2. Gorgeous! I keep thinking about maybe going for a bike ride but haven't been on one for 15 years! I think I'd find it hard work!

    Chloe x Uk

  3. sounds lovely! It's such a pretty part of the country, your beach hut pics really make me want to go to the sea. I sympathise with your sunburn and feeling heavy situ - I also managed to burn my face and stuff it with food and beer whilst in the lake district this weekend x

  4. Sounds like such a lovely weekend! Plus you can never go wrong with fish and chips! x x

  5. Looks absolutely perfect (bar the bike breaking) - I hope all of your summer is full of opportunities like this :) xxxxx

  6. I love reading about your little trips, you know how to live! Makes e feel very boring :)

  7. Sounds like a very action packed and fun weekend, those beach huts are so cute!

  8. wowwww what a super adventure you had! I love cycling and I am glad you had a superb weekend!

    Much love
    Liuba G

  9. You won at beach hut spotting, how cute are they?!
    Glad you found the fish and chips in the end, it wouldnt be a seaside trip without them. My very northern Grandma calls them chips and fish which drives me nuts but I digress....
    M x Life Outside London

  10. Such a lovely weekend !!
    The sun gave anyone many experience.


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