Tuesday, 22 July 2014

5 things I'd like to see on TV

As I sit here watching Gossip Girl and finishing off a bottle of wine, I look at the TV and see several things missing. Several crucial things that I'd like to see more of on that little box that we spend so many hours glued to.

  1. Hobnobs. Or just biscuits. You never see anyone settling down to a good night with a plate of biscuits, or just grabbing a biscuit on their way in/out of the house. If I'm watching TV with hobnobs, I'd like to see more of them on the screen
  2. Fat/cellulite/flab/belly pooch. Not helped by the fact that I watch glamorous shows such as Gossip Girl where Blake Lively swans around in beautiful dresses. I'd just like to see a little wobble here and there to reinforce the fact that it is totally ok to enjoy hobnobs on my night in.
  3. Realistic housing. Big shoutout to my Housemate for this one. Whenever we sit down to watch Friends or How I Met Your Mother in our tiny London flat we end up discussing how unrealistic it is that these people with their jobs can afford flats that are, frankly, amazing. 
  4. The Shame. The Shame plays a big part in my life. A few bevvies, some stories that are "funny" at the time and the entire next morning spent cringing. On TV it is all massive dramas and quick make ups, but the true beauty and longevity of The Shame is something that would be well received by me. We're all in this together, eh?
  5. Shit sex. Not EVERY TIME has to be hot, heavy and breathy. 
I will caveat this by saying I think that Fresh Meat has all of these things, bravo Fresh Meat. Bravo. 


  1. Fresh meat really DOES have all of those things. Tiny applause for them.
    I'd like to see more women with unwashed hair sitting on their beds with manky old pjs on, knitting or something whilst their husband does his toenails by her side. That must be indicative of someone somewheres life....
    And also more John Hamm. So much more.
    M x

  2. You never hear anyone announce that they're off to the loo either, do you? Or maybe that only happens in my house.

  3. Hahaha! I can totally identify with the flat/ apartment point you made. It particularly eeks me in romantic comedies where a humble publishing assistant or PA has a spacious One Bed flat all to herself. I mean ... just ... no.

    And is it just me? But, nobody ever seems to work ... I would like to see more people actually working.

    Thanks for sharing and for following my blog:)


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