Thursday, 10 July 2014

Seven days, seven photos

This month I've set myself a little task - to try and take a photo every day.

I don't have a theme, I'm not posting them on Instagram and I'm not doing #hundredhappydays. For me this is a chance to spend more time outside, to take time each day to celebrate the little things and to try to understand my camera more. I've enjoyed lugging it to work in my backpack and taking photos on my lunch break and I hope you enjoy the finished photos!

Maybe by the end of the month I'll be brave enough to try manual mode on my camera, but I can't promise anything. That is a massive step and I feel like I need to buy a book to wise up about it.


  1. These are lovely, it's nice having snapshots of the little things that might go overlooked throughout the day. I'm trying to learn more about my camera too, I've ventured into manual mode a few times but I'm happiest on aperture mode. Instead of buying a book right away, I would suggest having a look on Youtube- I've found loads of video tutorials for my actual camera, and it's a quicker way of finding out something specific- eg. I wanted my landscapes to have more depth, and it turns out that you need to alter the focal point for that. Who knew?!

    Good luck! xx

  2. Well look who's got a bit of an eye for a photo! These are lovely Becca and a great thing to do just for the hell of it. Did you see Siobahn's post on photography? NOT telling you because you need to improve but because she almost made me switch to manual mode....almost! And cheaper than a book.
    M x

  3. cool idea - perfect for getting in the habit of taking more photographs. I am terrible for snapping things like my dinner - really need to take more outdoors pics, especially when it's nice out. Saying that though, I think my favourite of the seven above is the last one x

  4. These are so lovely, I especially liked the first one. Also, I think this is an amazing idea, those little snaps could become great memories someday :)
    MiglÄ— x | Meet Me On The Balcony

  5. I like your photos, feel free to bring the camera to my house tomorrow and stick it in all of the fur baby's faces

    Charlotte's Web | The London Project


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