Saturday, 9 August 2014

Weekend Scrapbook: Verona

Verona, Verona, Verona. I have so much love for you and so little time to express it!

The weather was beautiful on the day we visited, the sun was shining and there was a nice warmth about the day which of course meant I was dying to have another gelato (I went for lemon and melon which was an odd combination). We visted the Arena first, which from the outside looks like a mini Colosseum but on the inside is a fully functional theatre/stage with seats going the full way around. We then walked through the main shopping street and found a place to have lunch.

I do have to point out the bizzare skies that seem to appear in a couple of my images - I think my camera was just freaking out that it was finally shooting in sunny weather.

After devouring a whole pizza each, we hit up the market in the town square where I got a nice glass bracelet and a glass penguin for Lee. We visited Juliet's balcony and her statue which is touched on the boob for good luck - I've never seen so many awkward photographs taken of men. They were all trying to decide whether to smile or keep a straight face whilst planting their hand on a metal tit.

We then strolled around the town and ended up at the river for some photos. After we walked back to the central shopping area and Babs and I treated ourselves to a Furla bag (in the sale, a total bargain). We then got the train home and Elle and I rested our weary feet in the hotel room -thankful for air con and comfy beds!


  1. Haha! Serious faces touching the boob would make a much more hilarious photo. Did you opt for some good luck too? Verona looks beautiful (in my head I always say 'fair Verona' and now I can see that it is!) x

    1. It was hilarious and so awkward! Sadly I didn't get to touch the boob myself, the pressure of the large audience was too much! x

  2. What gorgeous photos - I'd love to go to Verona!

  3. Where's your boob groping photo huh, huh??
    Melon and lemon is an odd combo but all is forgiven - these pictures are stunners.
    M x


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