Tuesday, 21 July 2015

On: not really getting it

This year I turned 25. HUGE. When I was a naive pre-teen I thought I'd have it all figured out by now, and I guess in some ways I have. In others though, I have no idea what is going on at all:

 "Balanced Diet"

I SUCK at balanced diets. I'm a binge eater by trade, nothing cheers me up more than eating half a packet of biscuits, half a tub of ice cream and then congratulating myself on not eating the whole thing. The next week I feel the guilt creep up so I eat fairly ok (I don't like salads and have a carb-based diet) until the weekend and then a little "treat" turns into takeaway pizza and a bag of minstrels.

Enriching my mind

I've recently hit a reading-slump, which I hate because I love reading. My kindle lays dormant in my backpack as I repeatedly play solitaire on my phone. I can't seem to watch anything apart from re-runs of Millionare Matchmaker and Dinner Date. Millionaire Matchmaker has fast become one of my favourite shows, how sad is that. Just let that sink in.


One thing that really annoys me about myself, is that I have no money. I spend what I earn and I never save, I feel like saving is very grown up. As soon as I have a tenner in my wallet it all goes on food or in Boots, I have such a weak spot for almost everything in Boots. Come payday, I act like a freking millionaire throwing my cash around on Amazon orders, take away dinner and useless items for the home that I'll never use. The end of the month is a very sorry time indeed.


Fashion blows my mind. I'm irrationally annoyed at the come back of my 90s wardrobe, why are pedal pushers and crop tops lining the rails of topshop and denim jackets with platform shoes making an appearance on the high street. If I'd have kept my clothes from my teens I would have been fashion-forward this year. Don't even get me started on accessorising, the thought of changing my three staples of ring, earrings and watch throw me into a panic. I just haven't got the 'chic' thing going down, in fact I named this year 'the year of the tshirt' as I only seem to have vest tops in black, thats how bad things are.

I have my fingers and toes crossed that tomorrow I'll wake up and be a fully fledged grown up...


  1. You're not alone my friend. All my money goes in m&s food (mainly on crisps), my only real goal seems to be how many times a week I can have chips without being found out, I pretty much only watch beauty youtube videos (but only wear mascara). So yeah...maybe this grown up thing will come soon...?

  2. Denim jackets look good with everything, embrace them like the 90s kid you are. Also I'm halfway through 26 and...saving? What is saving?


    PS Patti for queen

  3. Haha, the money thing is very similar to what I do and the end of the month is a super time indeed. This and last weekend I have had exactly no money to do anything apart from lying around in bed and catching up on all the tv shows people were taking about two years ago. Yup I'm the coolest. Eurgh the fashion this summer has been mucho disappointing - literally ALL the tops are cropped WHY??!!! X


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