Sunday, 16 August 2015

Snapshots from Home

When I go home, I like to really get in the zone by filling my phone with songs that I can listen to whilst looking wistfully out the window. I also like to throw in a bit of 'Coming Home' by Diddy to ramp up the excitement. It is a real treat having time to myself to think of nothing, or to think of everything.

Anyway, I recently went home for a few days. I came back revived whilst slightly sluggish due to the insane amount of food and wine I managed to get my hands on. I've decided (after a few tipsy end-of-evening-red-wines) with my parents that I'm going to spend this coming winter getting into red wine. I'm not the biggest fan of white, but I drink it to be social and occasionally it does hit the spot. I've already enlisted the help of Alice and my work colleages in my quest and so far, the two Pinot Noirs I've had have been great. If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them my way.

I spent much of my time outdoors and walking. I love a long walk. Along the way I managed to snap some photos I feel capture the essence of home and make me feel warm and cosy on the inside. I hope they do the same for you.

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  1. Loving your shots of home Becca, gorgeous :)



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