Thursday, 20 August 2015

The first three months (I'm not pregnant, just annoying)

I'm now well into month four of living with Lee. Let me tell you, the first three weren't easy. I'm actively glad we are out of the woods with that one.

It turns out I'm a massive control freak. It turns out boys are annoying. It turns out I'm annoying.

These past three months have seen us work out our routine, including all the really boring things like bin duties, hoovering and bathroom cleaning. We've only just cracked it, but I still hear that nagging, smothering voice in the back of my head. Instead of letting her loose and all hell breaking out over an unwashed spoon, I take a deep breath and ask myself 'does this really mater?'.

My standards are high. I've somehow tuned myself to have insanely high expectations. Floors should be spotless, the dining room table clear and the bed freshly made. In reality I just can't achieve this, I get too much junk mail to keep the dining room table clear, the floors are littered with clothes I can't be bothered to hang and the bed is made if I've got time in the morning. I've come to realise it is all about compromise.

Compromise is probably one of my least favourite words. I mean, I don't want to compromise. I'm right and that's it, ok? Alas, in real life I can't be that much of a nob. I've learnt to compromise on my ridiculously high standards and allow myself to relax in my home. Lee has learnt to deal with my expectations and has embraced the bin duties I've lumbered him with, among other things.

Things are working out nicely. I'm settled. I LOVE routine and have really got into building one. I've put up a shite looking "wildlife wall" consisting of two photos - an elephant and a zebra - which I've accidentally positioned to not be looking at each other and consequently stroppy... We've become comfortable with it just being us two, after such a long time of having a housemate.

A cup of tea and a biscuit at the end of the day solves everything, right?


  1. Haha, I can just imagine the elephant and zebra stroppily looking away from each other! Glad you've got through to the other side to the good bits about living together.Mitch used to leave talc all over the floor after a shower and it used to drive me insane, but your method of keeping calm is a good one, I still have to ask myself that same question now and we've been living together for 4 years!

  2. I'm glad you're past the first 3 months- I think there is always things that bug you and you will bug him. Alex and I have been living together for.......a long time and we...compromise as you say. There's always wine for those disagreements and gin for the good times!



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