Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mini Moments

I wish this was a post that heralds the beginning of spring, but alas after the week started with such promise it has ended with a drizzle. I’m still holding out hope that every day I wake up it will be blue skies and I’ll finally feel the sun on my face after what feels like decades of cold crisp wind and grey skies.

Me and winter have been trying our best to get along this year. We visited Copenhagen in October which fuelled my desire to live the Scandinavian way. I embraced hygge and lit candles, ate baked goods and spent a lot of time in my pyjamas. I listened to Lee’s nan when she said she enjoyed Jan/Feb/March as it means spring is coming and we’re heading towards brighter days. Despite all this, I was over the moon to see the blossom start to appear down my road and to go for a walk last weekend and to actually feel the sun. 

My Instagram feed has ramped up this week as I endeavour to capture the little moments that make me smile. Inevitably in the urban jungle of London it is hidden groups of flowers and housing frontage. I’ve had a great week wandering the streets of Marylebone near my office and stopping on my commute to notice the bright purple flowers on the pavement. Below is a round up of my pictures, seeing them all together makes me happy, look at all those pinks and purples. 

I hope this week has been full of little joys for you too.

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