Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Three little ways to be kind to yourself


Stop whatever you’re doing for 2 seconds, 5 seconds or a couple of minutes. Make a cup of tea and just take a little time to check in with yourself and what you’re doing. So often I feel like I'm going through the motions, not taking the time to really think about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. In the meantime I'm forgetting to check in and see how I feel about each action. Yes I've got a list of things to do, but they don’t have to be done back-to-back. Taking 5 minutes to have a biscuit, to text a friend or to open the windows can have a huge effect on your mind set and helps you feel like you've gained back some control from the whirlwind of routine.

Treat yo self 

Sometimes we’re so wrapped up in getting things done or living our lives in a certain way that we forget to treat ourselves. For me this is often food orientated, but it doesn't have to be. It can be blocking out an evening to have a bath and curling up with a book, or watching that episode of shit TV that's been recorded for weeks. Sometimes for me it can even be having a quick clean up. Often after a treat I feel perked up, alternatively I’ll work towards a goal with a treat in mind e.g. I’ll do all the hoovering if I can spend the next half an hour with my feet up watching 16 And Pregnant (please don't judge me).

Listen to yourself

I honestly believe that listening is the best way to be kind to yourself. Who knows you better than you?! Until the end of last year I wouldn't have believed that I’d have such a strong inner voice, but once I tuned in, it was hard to tune out. Before making a decision take a few minutes to see how you’re really feeling, it won't hit you immediately but you'll be there, lurking deep down. It’s easy to say yes to everything but sometimes saying ‘no’ can be what is best for you, and although it’s uncouth, saying ‘no’ can be super liberating.  Eventually this voice will be able to let you know quickly what sits well with you and what doesn't, reducing that internal struggle that you experience when you feel obliged to do something.

Essentially it is all about making time for what you enjoy doing. The lives we lead can often feel like a monster routine, however the smallest things can have the greatest effect. Getting up and going for a walk over lunch can have a significant impact on your mind set for the rest of the day. Don’t feel ashamed to take a 2 minute break with a cup of tea or spending Sunday evening painting your nails rather than scrubbing the bathroom. Sometimes a girl has got to look out for herself. There is time to get the chores done, there is also time to listen to yourself and understand that sometimes you need to come first. 

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